Electrician Tulsa l Water Heated to Perfection
Content written for Electric City

Have you ever thought about how hot water heaters are very inefficient? Did you know that
there are many countries that have way more energy efficient hot water heaters that have been
around for many years, yet most people in the united states continue to buy and use the same
old hot water heaters that have been around since hot water heaters were invented. Sure they
have improved some, but they are still, overall, inefficient and dangerous. Why is this? It is very
puzzling to Electrician Tulsa, but for whatever reason they are still the most used way to heat
hot water all over homes and business in America.
So what is the alternative you ask? A tankless hot water heater. One of the reasons why hot
water heaters are so dangerous is because they contain a vast amount of hot water sitting in a
tank that is hot enough to burn someone very badly should it malfunction. Just imagine being
around a hot water heat if it were to explode or be punctured by something. This does not
happen very often, but if and when it does the results are disastrous. The amount and
temperature of a tank of hot water is enough to badly burn someone or possible be even fatal.
Hot water tanks are often known to leak as well which is a very common problem. What makes
it even worse is that they often leak a very slow but steady leak which usually causes it to go
unnoticed for quite some time. We have seen the results of very bad water damage that has
been occurring for many days or even months because the hot water heater was leaking for an
extended period of time without anyone noticing it. This causes all sorts of damage to floors,
carpet, walls, sheetrock, and eventually cause molde it grow if it is not dried out quickly and
properly. All this can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket, take a large chunk of money to
repair, not to mention cause great stress in the mayan time dealing with such a mess.
There is a very good solution or alternative to the giant tank of hot water taht you now have in
your home. IT is called a tankless hot water heater. It only heats hot water as you need it and
then when you don’t need it, it does not heat water. Imagine having all the hot water you want,
without having a giant tank of hat water that requires energy to heat it day and night, which is a
very good way to waste energy.
Installing an on demand tankless hot water heater is not an easy job. The actual tankless hot
water heater is a little bit more expensive than the alternative one, and it will cost a little bit to
have a plumber come instal the right water lines, and an Electrician Tulsa to hook up the
electricity to it, but it will definitely save your a lot of energy which results in money back in your