Electrician Tulsa l Lighting With Poor Attributes
Content written for Electric City

Have you ever been to a home or lived in a home or business where the lighting was terrible?
Some people don’t even realize how bad their lighting is until they go somewhere else with
great lighting and you see the difference good lights can make. Electrician Tulsa is committed
to helping you and your family improve the lighting in your home. The first thing we recommend
is letting us come take a look at your existing lighting and then show you what you are missing
out on with newer and better lighting.
There was a period of time in the 1970’s and early 80’s were houses were made without ceiling
lights in the main living areas of homes. Instead they were equipped with outlets that would turn
on and off with a switch and then you plug lamps into the outlets and that is how you would light
the room. There are many problems with this design, but the major one is just taht it is
impossible to get good light coming from the side of the wall because it makes so many
shadows. The outlets are also not equipped to handle the wattage needed by bright powerful
lights. Those kind of homes are always so dark and dingy and have shadows everywhere. It is
especially difficult for people who are older or have poor eyesight and unfortunately for that
period of home, it is mostly older people who own them now and are having the most difficulty
seeing with that kind of set up.
There are several solutions, but the best one would be to install overhead lighting in the ceiling.
Today there are amazingly bright LED lights that give off plenty of light and are very energy
efficient. Of course going back into the walls and ceiling of a home would be costly and messy.
It would also take quite a bit of time depending on how many lights were being installed. You
would also need to make sure that the cost was not too high before beginning such a project. In
some cases, you might be available for government rebate if you are replacing fluorescent lights
with the new and improved LED lights.
Another option would be to get better lamps or possibly mount some wall lights in addition to the
floor lamp. This would be less expensive for sure, but would not get rid of the shadowy look that
lamps give. It would not be as bright as ceiling lights, but better than just the floor outlet lamps
that we discussed earlier.
Anyway the best course of action to take would be to call Electrician Tulsa nad let us take a look
and explore your options with us. We might be able to find an alternate solutions, and we would
for sure be able to give you a solid idea on how to replace your existing lights with ceiling lights
and add additional lights throughout your house.