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Electric City 1012We have worked with developers and owners of commercial office spaces from small or large tenant improvements to complete ground-up buildings. Our experience and workmanship is top notch and we are continually rewarded with developers working with Electric City exclusively. We deliver exceptional value. Frustrated with your businesses’ faulty wiring or inefficient lighting? Our commercial division employs highly trained industrial/commercial electricians who work with architects, inspectors, engineers and building professionals in the Tulsa and surrounding areas to ensure on time completion of your project no matter what size it is. Effective lighting, good outlet placement, and efficient load distribution is important when you are constructing a new building or renovating an existing one. Electric City is your electrician when you need the job done right.

Panel Upgrades:

Many buildings in Tulsa and surrounding areas are over a hundred years old. As we progressed throughout this last century, our electrical needs have been more demanding. Many of these existing buildings and tenant spaces have the original service that is unable to provide the necessary electrical power for our modern businesses. This is where Electric City can provide a solution to your electrical problems. We can work with local electric companies to upgrade your service to provide the needed power for your future restaurant, medical facility, or balloon store. Whatever your business’ power needs may be, Electric City can provide a FREE consultation for your electric upgrade needs.

Service Calls:

Have a light out or have a receptacle that quit working or a breaker that is acting up? If you can hear buzzing around the switchgear or electrical systems, electrical panel or meter can then it is time to call an electrician. In a commercial setting, there are many more electrical components that are involved so there are many more issues that can arise. In a commercial building you may have things like transformers that can seem like they are working correctly but may be on the verge of breaking down which would be devastating to a business. Electric City has highly skilled electricians that can quickly diagnose and then repair your electrical issues effectively. Just call us at any time and our commercial service department can take care of any electrical service need.

In Oklahoma, the weather is highly unpredictable. Windstorms, tornadoes, freezing rain, and ice storms have all burdened our electrical services. Electric City is ready to handle all of your emergency electrical needs. Just give us a call, anytime. You will always be answered by a competent and knowledgeable electrician that can help you with any of your emergency electrical needs.

Tenant Improvements:

Have a small start-up that needs just the right space to make your company take off and grow? Or are you an established company that needs to move up to a bigger space or better location. Whatever the reason, Electric City has the experience you need to make sure you have the lighting and electric facilities to make your company look and perform professional. We can sit down with you and make sure the electric service for your individual space is suitable for the business you are building or expanding. When we agree on a project, Electric City will perform to the highest exacting standards and deliver your project on time and to your satisfaction.
We specialize in meeting tight schedules and working in occupied spaces. We know that working around a construction zone can be disruptive which is why we try to be as considerate as possible and working at times that accommodate the organization’s schedule. Throughout the process, we work closely with building representatives and general contractors to provide a timely completion with the least disruption.

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Industrial Electrical Construction:

Whether it is a small or large service project like adding lighting or adding a new piece of equipment, Electric City’s electricians can handle any project that you may have. We are highly knowledgeable in single or three phase 120//240/208, 277/480 voltages. Motors, contactors, disconnects, etc. We can provide solutions for your industrial electrical needs. Small or large, Electric City can handle it.

Commercial Electrical Construction:

Electric City is highly experienced in negotiated or competitively bid projects. Our team is here to support your new renovation projects and deliver successful and on-time completions. We make sure your project is done on schedule at the highest quality possible. We work with general contractors, architects and engineers to provide a smooth running project. No job is too large or too small for us. We welcome challenges. We have worked on many projects from remodel to ground-up construction. Call us today and we would be happy to provide a bid for your upcoming commercial construction project.

Lighting Retrofits:

Did you know that PSO and other electric service companies give rebates to businesses that upgrade their old fluorescent lighting to LED? Did you know that switching to LED will greatly reduce your electric bill and maintenance costs? Many customers that have upgraded their lighting systems to LED and have taken advantage of the rebates offered have realized a return on investment within 2 years or less. Electric City can guide you through this and provide solutions to your lighting needs. Just give us a call and we can take an assessment of your business and give you a free quote with realized return on an LED investment. We have done many projects in Tulsa and the surrounding areas from large to small. No project is too complex for Electric City.

Generator Installation:

Oklahoma’s weather is highly unpredictable. So is its electric supply. Have a business that cannot go without power? Let Electric City’s team of professionals work out a solution for your stand-by generator needs. We can design an emergency system for you that can keep your computers or refrigeration or lights on for as long as needed. Just give us a call and we can work up a FREE quote!

Parking Lot lighting:

Electric City is highly experienced in repairing your parking lot lighting. Perhaps we can retrofit your old ballast driven system that is prone to failure with an upgraded LED solution. Whatever your need, Electric City can repair or replace your parking lot lighting.

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