CompanygorupDo you want to talk to a real electrician Tulsa who can answer all of your questions any time of the day or night?  Then call our number and you will not get a machine or a secretary.  Instead you will get an experienced licensed electrician that can guide you through the process of getting you all fixed up.  Have a simple electrical problem?  We normally can send a considerate licensed electrician over the same day.  Have a bigger issue or would like an estimate on a remodel or panel change-out?  We will not send a pushy commissioned salesperson to “up sell” you into rewiring your entire house.  Instead, we will explain all of your options and the pros/cons and possible dangers of the electrical work in question.  After we thoroughly explain your options, YOU decide the scope.  After all it is YOUR house or business.  YOU ARE IN CHARGE.  If we do any work for you, we comply with all local and national codes for the electrical industry.

Electric City is a family owned and operated electrician Tulsa contracting business that has been in the electrical industry for over 30 years.  We pride ourselves in delivering quality workmanship at reasonable prices.  We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  Many of our employees have been with us for years and we consider them part of the family.  We treat each other with respect and have them treat every customer with respect. After all, you cannot be successful without happy customers!  Every employee takes great pride in their work and we consider ourselves the best in the business.

Residential or commercial, large or small, Electric City can handle all of your electrician Tulsa needs. We deliver quality service, competitive pricing and quality performance to our customers. We share your success with everyone in our company and create win-win solutions for all of us. Electric City has the talent and professionalism for completing your next project.


When we start a project, we will see it through to a successful completion. We are your number one choice for electrical contracting in Tulsa and surrounding areas. We will perform at the highest levels of safety and quality. We treat every customer with the respect they deserve. Whether you have a large industrial project or a small residential project, our values and integrity will not waiver. Every customer deserves equal professionalism. In order to achieve this we treat our employees as our most important asset to the company and by doing this, they will treat each customer as they are treated. With the highest respect.


Here at Electric City, Safety is a part of every day life. Our highest priority is to make sure our employees return to their families safely every day. This type of adherence to safety makes it better for everyone. Since inception, Electric City has not had one lost time incident due to a safety emergency. This reduces our costs for insurance and workman’s compensation that in turn provides more competitive pricing for you, our valued customers.

Electric City Core Values:

We believe we are the best electrical company in Oklahoma and will send the best electrician Tulsa to solve your electrical needs. We pride ourselves with exceptional service and putting the customer and employees first.

  • Positive relationships with our customers is a top priority and creates long-term success to our company.
  • We have only the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Safety is a top priority.
  • We treat each employee like family.
  • Every employee deserves respect.
  • Each employee is an important part of the team.
  • Every employee accepts personal responsibility for their work.
  • Advancement in the company is based on their individual performance.
  • Each employee is in charge of their own destiny.
  • New ideas are valued and encouraged.

Oklahoma has very strict rules when it comes to electricians doing work in the state. Electric City’s electricians have years of on-the-job experience and formal training.

Don’t trust your home or business to a “Handy Man” to do the job of a licensed, bonded, insured and competent electrician Tulsa. Your insurance policy may limit the type of work performed by a non-state licensed contractor.


Electric City 1005Jeff Tilton and his wife Andrea have been happily married for over 25 years.  They have a beautiful family of four: three daughters and one son.  Jeff has been involved in the electrical industry for over 30 years.  Jeff and Andrea both have a Bachelors degree from Utah State University and graduated Cum Laude.  Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Jeff started working in the electrical field while still in college and received a storehouse of knowledge in both residential, commercial, and industrial electrical applications.  He “cut his teeth” doing large commercial and industrial public works projects.  He started his own electrical contracting business not long after graduating from college and was doing multi-million dollar projects within 4-5 years.
Being strongly religious people, Jeff and Andrea were seeking a better environment to raise their children and through a friend discovered the magnificent state of Oklahoma.  Being strongly conservative, they felt this was the best place to call home for their electrician Tulsa business.  They have been here many years now and believe that God has guided them to this wonderful place.

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