Electric City’s employees are licensed, efficient and highly qualified to take on any residential service call or project. We will come equipped with a fully stocked van and be ready to go to work. We treat every customer with respect and will not try to “upsell” anyone with electrical work that doesn’t need to be done. At Electric City, the customer is in charge. We offer pricing and package options so that the customer chooses the option that best fits both their service and budget needs. Just relax. To us, this electrical stuff is easy! Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with using the best in the business!

Panel Change outs:

Have an old home that has screw in fuses or perhaps the dreaded Zinsco or F/E panel? Many homes in Tulsa and surrounding areas still have the original panel from when the house was built. These panels are now considered unsafe as to the standards of the modern panels we have today. Many times, these panels are found in closets also. Current electrical codes consider this unsafe also. Consider having an unsafe panel, prone to heating up and failing in a closet next to flammable material. This is why the code has changed.

With the ever increasing need for modern appliances of today, past “electricians” have added onto these panels and now you have ended up with multiple disconnects and subpanels upon subpanels. Perhaps you would like to add a hot tub or a pool or new air conditioner. This requires additional power that the original panel may not have the capacity for. This is where you can trust Electric City to give you the power you need.

Have you already been quoted an outrageous price from a “BIG ELECTRICAL COMPANY” salesman that more than likely did not know the difference between a panel and a meter can? Did they scare you to death? Electric City will send a licensed, courteous, and knowledgeable electrician to your house for a FREE QUOTE! Our overhead is much lower than theirs and we do not use a one size fits all “job sheet” when we quote our work. Each situation is unique and we do not quote each job as a worst case scenario like they do. We all have the same licensing and more than likely Electric City is better qualified for the job. We average 30% to 50% lower rates in comparison to the “large overhead” electric companies. We do not pay franchise fees that have to be passed onto you, the customer, like all of the national electrical service companies do.

Recessed Can Lighting:

Does your house have a room with just a lamp in it? How are we supposed to read in there? Or maybe you just have one fixture for the entire kitchen. Do we not need to see what we are doing in the kitchen? What were these builders thinking? Are we all vampires? Electric City can fix your problems. We can install either 6”or 4” LED recessed cans in your kitchen, your living room, bedroom, or any room for that matter usually in one day. Think how modern your house would look with strategically placed recessed lighting in your eves! Many times, by replacing your existing fixture with these highly efficient LED retrofits, you will have 100% more light using half the energy! We have installed hundreds of these in many homes in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. (vampires beware!). Call us today! A courteous, knowledgeable, and licensed electrician will provide a FREE QUOTE!

Security Lighting: Photocells, Motion Detectors, and Timers:

Need an outdoor security fixture installed to come on at night and go off during the day? Or maybe a motion sensor fixture that comes on when you pull up to your garage or when someone walks along the side of your house or backyard. Call us today! A courteous, knowledgeable, and licensed electrician will provide a FREE QUOTE!

Ceiling Fan Installation:

Need to move some air around? Or maybe that old fan that was hip in the 80’s or 90’s is not so hip anymore. Electric City’s courteous and licensed electricians can either remove and replace an existing fan or put a fan in a room that never had one. We even provide switching if needed. Do you have an existing fan that has only one switch that turns on the light and you have to pull the string to turn the fan on? We can help you there too. Call us today! A courteous, knowledgeable, and licensed electrician will provide a FREE QUOTE!

Emergency Generators:

Everyone knows that the electrical service in Oklahoma is less than reliable. After storms we have gone weeks without power. The time to think about this is not after the storm has hit us and the power is down. Especially when you are rushing to Oklahoma City for the last generator on the shelf. And what are you going to do when and if you get it home? Hook it up yourself? And hook it up to what? Electric City’s highly trained electricians have installed stand-by generators and portable generator receptacles that wire directly to your electrical panel all over homes and businesses located in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. We have the solution to providing power to you and your family, to fit within your budget, when the power company cannot. Call us today! A courteous, knowledgeable, and licensed electrician will provide a FREE QUOTE!

New Receptacles and Switches:

So you have mounted your new flat screen TV on the wall and need somewhere to plug it in. You really want to see that cord hanging down? Electric City can provide a new receptacle right behind that TV of yours so you are not distracted when watching that favorite movie of yours. (that dang cord!). Or maybe you need an exterior outlet for some backyard string lighting or an electric lawn tool? Need a switch for the closet with a pull string lighting fixture? Electric City’s highly trained electricians can provide all of this and more. Whatever you need. Call us today! A courteous, knowledgeable, and licensed electrician will provide a FREE QUOTE!

Dreaded Aluminum Wiring:

Have you been blessed with a house that came with Aluminum wiring? If your house was built between the 1960’s through the mid 70’s, you may have this type of wiring in your home. Be careful when you have someone work on your home that does not know the current codes in dealing with this type of wire. There are special rules that electricians need to comply with when you add a light or receptacle or switch. Electric City is trained in how to deal with this type of wire. Call us today if you need any work done to this type of home.

New Construction:

Do you have a Custom Home project you need a quote for? Jeff Tilton, the Owner, can sit down with you and talk you through all of the options you can put in your home. From standard to total home management systems, Electric City can do it all.

Historical Homes:

Do you have a hundred year old historical home that you want to rewire? Electric City has done many of these homes and can either make the entire home modern or keep as much of the old home flair as you desire. Call us today! Jeff will be more than happy to walk through the project with you to discuss the options.

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