Electrician Tulsa l Customers ARE THE BEST
Content written for Electric City

In the working world today many people focus on the best companies and the best employees.
Electrician Tulsa certainly does that. We are always striving to be the best and to be better than
our competitors so that customers will choose us one hundred percent of the time every time.
Being the best is important because that is what keeps our customers coming back to us and
what keeps us trying to improve ourselves each day. To get to the top and stay on the top. But,
have you ever thought about what makes the best customers? That is an interesting question
ans we life in a working world where the customer gets to make all the rules and have the
company serve them.
The best customers are honest. They answer questions that we ask, and they give honest
feedback, and do not hold back their suggestions for improvement just because they do not
want to be rude. They aren’t rude if they say their ideas of how we can improve in a polite and
constructive way. They are honest in their praise as well. They recognize a job well done and
are not afraid to say that they are satisfied, or that they are not satisfied. A good customer is
honest and respectful.
Good customers are punctual and keep their appointments. Every serviceman that we send to
a job costs money. We pay for the gas, equipment, and employee, so each job costs a certain
portion of the money that we make. It is frustrating and difficult to make money, in fact we lose
money, if a customer is not home or does not let us in. If this happens too much we eventually
have to increase prices to cover our loses. So a good customer is considerate of our time just
like we try to be considerate of their time. We understand that circumstance occur taht are out
of your power, and we can work with that if it happens on occasion. If that does happen a good
customer will give us as much warning as possible that they are not keeping their appointment.
A good customer of Electrician Tulsa, is friendly, respectful, and courteous. It can sometimes
be awkward if our employees got to a home or jobsite and they are ignored or treated poorly.
This will also make them less likely to feel welcome and like they are serving you. Good
customers treat our employees and workers like they are human (which they of course are)
because everyone deserves to be treated like a human. It is not a good experience for anyone
involved if the employees feel intimidated or unwelcome. It makes it harder for them to serve
While our job does not depend on the way a customer treats us, Electrician Tulsa electricians
sure appreciate a customer who exemplifies all the characteristics mentioned above. Honesty,
punctual, and friendly. It really does make a better experience for everyone involved and we
have many many great customers.