Electrician Tulsa l Fences That Are Electric!!!!
Content written for Electric City

Oklahoma, in particular the Tulsa area is very green and beautiful durning the long summer
months, hence the name Green Country which is often used to refer to this area. There are
many beautiful views and greenery everywhere near Electrician Tulsa. Sometimes people buy
homes specifically for the view from the home. It is also common for lots of people to have
fences put in after their home to keep pets on their property out, or the many oklahoman critters
out. Fences are great and server their purpose well, but they can often be expensive and
destroy the view from within the house. Fences can be so limiting when it comes to seeing past
your own backyard.
One solution for you might be an electric fence. An electric fence is basically a long cable that
transmits electrical current. It can be placed around a perimeter to keep things in or out. It is
also buried under the ground often times so that it does not look unsightly, but still does the job.
There are various setting to the voltage that runs through the cable, some are very low while
others are quite a bit higher.
Depending on the animals that you were trying to keep inside a perimeter, you would set it at
different voltages. For example, a small dog would be just a little buzz. It is not meant to hurt
animals, just be a little bit uncomfortable. It makes them not want to repeat the behavior prior to
whatever they did before they were buzzed a little bit. On the other hand a cow or horse which
is much bigger you would need a much higher voltage to keep them in the desired perimeter.
They would it really feel the buzz of a small voltage of electricity that a small dog would need.
Still, it is not meant to hurt large animals either, just keep them inside a desired perimeter, just
like a fence.
While an electric fence is not something that we do often, the Electrician Tulsa team is well
equipped and able to help you with this need of it is something that you might want to try. It
does involve the digging of a trench around the perimeter of the yard in order to bury the cable.
The trench is not very big or wide, but does need to be dug by either you or someone else prior
to our coming to install the fence cable. Once the trench is ready, we can come install the cable
and set it up to the correct voltage you would require. It is also easy to change and we can walk
you through all the logistics and how to’s of it.
After we install the cable and the electric box that produces the voltage the only thing left to do
is to bury the cable with the remaining dirt. Then Sit back and enjoy the view for as long as you
can see, or until the next fence.