Electrician Tulsa l Content written for Electric City.

Electric City is one of the top rated Electrician Tulsa companies in all of Tulsa and the
surrounding areas. We have great reviews and top customer satisfaction ratings. But many
people don’t realize that we are also a great company to work for. We have great employees
that work hard for us and we want to make our company a place that they will want it come and
a company that they are proud to work for. We do this by abiding by a few core values that
make us united.
The first value at Electrician Tulsa is Integrity. WE are honest in every relationship that we
have. We are honest with our employees and customers. This means that we pay a fair wage,
don’t ask too much of our employees and we don’t expect them to do any task that they are not
qualified for and that we do not fully compensate them for. In short we treat our employees like
family and value them as people equal to everyone else in the company. We do not
discriminate against anyone but believe that everyone is equal.
Hard work is the very essence of who we are at Electric City. Without hard work we would not
exist. We started as a very small one man family operated company that has grown quickly in
the last few years. Without hard work we would not be successful. It took many hours of hard
work to start Electric city. It continually takes hard work from every employee from the owner to
newest hire everyday to make this company work and be successful. We know that when we
are all hard working and unified in our goals we are more likely to be successful and keep our
customers happy and keep coming back to us for their electrical needs.
Another important thing that we offer our customers and employees is value. We value every
member of our team. We encourage our employees to have ideas that will improve our
company and team members. We realized that each or our employees are unique and have
different ways of thinking and crating. Some of your best ideas that have helped us become
more successful have come from the employees who have figured out a more efficient and cost
effective way to do something or improve a process. We reward these ideas and also
employees efforts that will continue to build and improve out company
Electric City is a great company and our customers love us, but even more important is that we
have great employees who we care about and depend on. Without them we could not be as
successful. If you are in the market for a job, consider working for us. We are always in need of
employees who want to be valued and help make our company a better place. IF you are
interested in possibly working come in and meet us. Fill out an application and see if you are a
good fit to work with us.