Electrician Tulsa l Don’t Use Bad Lights
Content written for Electric City

Do you live in a home that has flickering lights? Is your home old and in need of Electrician
Tulsa to come repair your existing electrical lights? So what exactly causes flickering lights? Is
it a serious problem that needs immediate and professional attention? Do flickering lights only
occur in older houses or can they occur in new homes as well? You might me surprised at the
answers to all of these questions. Many of our customers have no idea what a big deal
flickering lights can be and often is in most circumstances.
The cause of flickering lights is bad wiring, like a short in a wire, or a break in coating of a wire.
This can happen if the wiring is old it can start to turn hard and brittle. After time the coating
wears away and the wire is exposed which is not what should happen or it is not safe at all.
This can also happen in newer homes if low quality wiring is used and the wires are not up to
the best quality like they should be. That is one reason why it is important to have a
professional like Electrician Tulsa come do your wiring for you. We only use the best quality
and would never jeopardize our customers safety by using poor quality electrical wiring
throughout your home.
Another thing that can cause light to flicker is when the coating is chewed away by rodents such
as rats, mice, and even insects like ants at times although ant are more rare. This can happen
to any home new or old as long as their are pests like rodents around. That is why it might be a
good idea to inspect any flickering lights or exposed wiring to make sure that the actual wire is
not exposed to the environment or the things in it. It might also be a good idea to use some
sore of pest control to make sure that all the critters that live here in Oklahoma are not going to
cause damage to your electrical wiring throughout your house.
One thing that might surprise a lot of people is the fact that many house fires are started by
exposed wiring. One of the signs of this expanded electrical wiring would be flickering lights. If
you ever have lights that flicker or short out and go off and on intermittently that are not
supposed to, then you should be concerned and take immediate action. Call us at Electric City
and we will be right over to make sure that you and your family are not in danger. We will
inspect your electrical system carefully and find the reason why your lights are flickering. This is
not a situation that you should try to fix or handle yourself. It is also not a time to wait until the
light is not functioning anymore. It is imperative taht you have it checked out as soon as
possible to keep the risk of fires an a minimum.
Most people would not think that flickering lights can be so serious and have such dangerous
implications. Electricity is not a thing to ignore or play around with. Only professionals should
handle the wiring especially if it is a live wire or currently conducting electrical currents.