Electrician Tulsa l Content written for Electric City.

Have you ever wanted to make a home theatre right in your very home? Some of the options
available to make in your own home are simply amazing, and Electrician Tulsa know how to
optimize all the best features to make your home theatre system simply amazing. There are so
many choices and we can help you with all those hard decisions to make the most of your
entertainment room.
The first step is to choose your projector or TV. Projectors are amazing in their capabilities.
You can mount them overhead and they have great visibility and pixels. They are clear and
easy to use once they are mounted professionally by us. There are all sort of levels and prices
which vary. We have installed many different models and can tell your what has worked the
best for us and the best model for your money. TV’s are also a good option. More people are
familiar with them so they are initially usually easier to use. They also have a wide range of
function and price, but we can tell you what has worked best for us.
Next is to decide your lighting. Electrician Tulsa recoccomends overhead LED can lights that
are able to adjust between the brightness and dimming. These are energy efficient and long
lasting so you will not constantly be changing light bulbs and without light. They are also cost
effective and use less energy. You also have the option to install LED color changing lights in
order to give your theatre room different moods and viewing options.
You also need to decide if you want other lighting. For example, you could also install side
lights which are ideas to use during movies to provide a little lights without giving an overhead
glare. This is ideal for movies for kids or small kids who do not like the complete dark ,but you
are not compromising the picture either. There are also other options to use lights like above
the door or around a wet bar/snack bar. The options are basically limitless.
Another option is to decide if you want any gaming options and surround sound.? Do you want
to be able to hook up a gaming system to run through your projector or large TV? If so what
console do you want and what location do you want it in? Do you want surround sound and
how many speakers do your need? Depending on the size of your room, you will probably want
several speakers in various areas to make sure the quality of sound is what you really want.
There are so many choices that need to be made, but we can definitely provide some valuable
The final step it installation-and you need to let the pros hande ltat. Electrician Tulsa is willing
and ready to help your build your dream theatre room right in your own home so that you can
enjoy your shows and movies without ever leaving your own house.