Electrician Tulsa I Always Improving

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Since the beginning of electrician Tulsa used for lighting our homes, there have been some very interesting lights and light fixtures. Just in the electrician Tulsa area alone we have seen lights dating clear back to the early 1900s. It is interesting to see how not only the styles of light fixtures have changed, but the way we run electricity to our lights as well as the light bulbs that we use. Fortunately for us, we are still not using the same ideas as the early 1900s. We have upgraded and made lighting so much better safer, and more efficient.

It is interesting to see all the different styles of lights that come and go in and out of style. In the beginning it was large chandeliers with lots of dangling crystals or other decorative ornaments. These chandeliers also usually had lots of separate light bulbs which did not give off very much light, but combined it was better than one light or a few lights. There was also a lot of fluorescent lighting in kitchens especially and in bedrooms usually just a single light in the middle of the room with a simple covering. All of these Styles came and went throughout the years.

In the 70s, long dangly lights that were not very bright where popular along with flowered light covers in bright colors. That was the theme for most homes and kitchens and bedrooms. Businesses were a little more casual and not so decorative. Usually just a simple white lights covering which covered the light bulbs ornamented with some sort of gold or brass plated band around the top.

The 80s brought in more square cut lines and Les ornamental. Things went from more floral patterned two plane or a simple stripe or something similar. More and more of the long fluorescent light bulbs replaced the single light bulbs as a fluorescent light bulbs what are popular and seem to provide more light then just the single bulbs alone. There was a lot of dull colors like brown and blue and even some Graves.

The 90s brought in a whole new style of their own. Most people started adding multiple lights in one room to increase lights invisibility. They also went from pictures that covered the whole entire light bulb and mounted on the ceiling or wall.

Today things are different again. One of the most popular things that we see in new builds and remodels is the ever-popular can lights. These are the new efficient LED lights that are inside the ceiling and do not protrude. They are very effective and energy-conserving. They also look great and last much longer than the old regular light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. Canned lights are a fairly easy addition to your home and can be installed without too much trouble or without too much cost.

It is interesting to see throughout history how things have changed even in just the electrical department. Today we are much more efficient with our fighting, have made bulbs that last longer and use less energy, and also still look great.