Content written for Electric City

Sometimes it is difficult to tell what exactly is needed in a repair.  Sometimes minor problems that seem simple and straightforward are more complex than you think, and sometimes major problems that seem expensive and difficult aren’t as bad as you thought.  One of the good things about most electrician Tulsa companies is that we offer free estimates so that you can get a good idea of what it is going to take to fix your problem before we even do any work.  If you are not sure it is worth the money to fix it or just wondering how much it will be we will come to your home or business and let you know exactly how long it will be and the price you will pay to fix it.  You won’t have to guess at what is going to happen or how long it will take or how much money you need.

There are of curse times when the estimates we give you are not exact because as we have started to fix the problem we have run into other issues or more serious problems than we could do an estimate on while not tearing your home or business apart.  In these cases we always give a second assessment of what is needed and how long it will take and what the additional costs will be.   It is discouraging to get bad news but we will never just go ahead with an additional project or start to fix things without first discussing it with our customers and getting their approval as well as exactly what they want to have happen.  WE try to be as flexible as we can when those issues arise and to recommend the most efficient and price effective way to proceed.

We are also very flexible with our scheduling.  That is one thing that customers really like about Electrician Tulsa, we are very willing and able to work with our customers.  WE know that everyone has busy lives because we also have busy lives.  We try to make our company available whenever our customers need us or have time for us even if it is after normal working hours, weekends, and even holidays in an emergency.  Someone is always on call and that is something that really makes our customers loyal is the fact that they know that they can count on us to be there when we say we will at a time that is convenient for them.

At Electrician Tulsa we do our best to let you know ahead of time a fair and accurate free quote on whatever  work you need done.  It is not always one hundred percent accurate because we can’t always see or predict exactly what the whole problem is, but you can be assured that the outcome of your electrical problem will be fixed and you will be satisfied with the results.  That is one reason we are Tulsa’s highest reviews electrical company.