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Christmas is a wonderful and exciting time of year. It is amazing 2 see all of the Christmas lights and decorations that people put up to celebrate this time of year. There are thousands of Christmas lights put up each year just in one place at a time. Everyone enjoys the lit up home, businesses and displays all across the Tulsa area. It is always fun to take a drive especially at night to see all of the fun and beautiful lights and outside decorations. It really puts you in a festive mood.
We at electrician Tulsa love Christmas as much as anyone else. However, given our electrical background it may be possible that we see small risk for some people who put up Christmas lights both inside and outside.. One of the dangers that we often notice is that when people put up Christmas lights on the outside of their homes they’re often using extension cords to have their lights reach to their Outlets. This is perfectly safe if you have an outdoor and weather proof electric extension cord. Some people do not realize that indoor and outdoor extension cords are made differently and outdoor extension cords are a lot more durable and weatherproof. If you do not use the proper extension cord like an outdoor extension cord, you run the risk of your cord being damaged and wires being exposed, or it being exposed to weather and harsh elements. Both of these risks can be fire hazards or other cause other injuries or dangers.
Another thing we see at electrician Tulsa, is people overloading their Outlets. This happens both indoors and Outdoors. Some people try to put all of their outdoor lights on one extension cord going to one Outlet. This is fine if you do not have very many lights, but if you have a lot of lights it is not a good idea to overload one electrical outlet. The same is true with inside lights. It is nice to be able to have a beautiful Christmas tree with lights and other light up Christmas decorations all throughout your home. However, it is not a good idea to put them all on the same Outlet. This can overload the outlet and cause a breaker to trip.
Another good idea might be to use a power strip surge protector to protect against surges in electricity. If you have all of your Christmas decorations on the inside plugged into a power surge protector, then even if a breaker does Flip or a storm occurs, the power strip will shut everything off before it damages any appliances or anything else. There are also power strip surge protectors that are more durable and made for the outside. This is also a very good idea to have when you are putting up your outside Christmas lights. It never hurts to be overly safe and cautious.
At electrician Tulsa, we wish you a very merry Christmas, we love this time of year that is been with friends and family. We admire all the beautiful lights and decorations throughout the Tulsa area. We do want to keep our customers and all of the communities surrounding Tulsa safe and happy so that they will be able to celebrate this holiday season with friends and family that they love and not have to worry about power outages, tripped breakers, or potential fire hazards. Merry Christmas from those of us at Electric City.