Content written for Electric City

Electricians of any kind must have many years of schooling, and apprenticeship and B license in the state they are working in. Many electricians are licensed in various States so that they can travel if they need to for work. At electrician Tulsa we employ both residential and Commercial electricians. We have some electrician to do much sleep residential house calls and are able to help people fix any electrical problem within their home or outside their home.

We also at electrician Tulsa do commercial electrical work. Commercial electrician work can be different than residential work because it is usually on a much larger scale. For example, are commercial jobs are usually installing and overseeing the electrical work of large businesses. These businesses depend on electricity for their business to be open and running, therefore it is important that they always have the energy electrical energy that they need.

This means, that even in our electrician Tulsa Stormy Weather, some of our commercial businesses cannot be without electricity. So what we can do about this scenario is to have backup generators for when the power is off. So, for instance, at a hospital they depend on electricity for many things including many patients depending on it for oxygen or other life supportive devices. This means that even if there is an interruption in their electrical service, they must have electricity. So we install generators that will automatically come on in case of a power failure. Depending on the business, depends on how long the generators will last. For a normal business we can typically install generators that will last for a couple of days. If it is a business like a hospital that is much more critical, we would install generators that can last up to a couple of weeks.

The job outlook of a commercial electrician Tulsa is about the same as a residential job outlook. The growth rate over the next five years is about 15% for both jobs. Both jobs can also make about the same amount of income depending on the area that you work, and the hours that you are able to work.

Many electricians are actually licensed and qualified to do both residential and commercial electrical work. Most of our electricians are qualified to do both, however we find that there are some who prefer commercial / residential and some who prefer residential over commercial so we like to make whatever is the best fit for our workers where they will be happy because then we know that our customers are more likely to get the service they deserve.

Both types of electricians are very needed and will continue to be needed as the years progressed. There is not a right or wrong choice if you are planning to go to school to become an electrician, it is just a matter of preference and a few different licensing techniques and classes. Of course the best thing is to get qualified and licensed to do either so that you can change your mind or work where you are most needed.