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Each year in the United States and particularly in the electrician Tulsa area drama there are several accidents due to electricity being misused or used without care. Electricity benefits everyone. There are few people in this area who do not depend on electricity for their daily needs. Whether it is in your home, place of work, or entertainment, we all depend on electricity for many things. Many people do not realize how easily they can be in danger if there is an electrical Hazard nearby. However, the most electrical accidents are caused by carelessness or Unknowing people using electricity in correctly.

One common mistake made by some people which is a very serious mistake and easy to do is to use an electrical Appliance with wet hands. This includes people who have previously wash their hands and not dry them or maybe dried them a little but they are still wet, and then attempting to use some kind of electrical Appliance or Outlet. Water is a great conductor of electricity and so it is easy for them to feel a little shock or in some cases a big shock of electrical energy if their hands are wet. T

his is a very simple mistake that can easily be made, and can be easily prevented. We have seen the results of someone using appliances or Outlets with wet hands. Not only can it seriously hurt themselves, that can also cause damage to your home or Appliance. The best way to prevent this from happening is for you to teach others how important it is to only use electricity when your hands are dry. This mistake is often made by children, so a simple update to children would be helpful.

Another common household Hazard that we had electrician Tulsa have seen is when people try to extinguish electrical fires with water. As mentioned before water is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, pouring water on an electrical fire will only increase the fire in terms of damaging. The water enables more electricity to conduct to other areas causing a bigger or harsher or more difficult fire to extinguish.

Sometimes people don’t realize that what they have is an electrical fire and so they pour water on it, however it is one of the worst things you can do. The best thing to do is to use a fire extinguisher, or if that is not available to use some sort of heavy material that is non flammable to smother the fire. It is also not a good idea to continue to fight an electrical fire on your own. In any electrical fire that is not extinguish in the first few seconds, it is probably necessary to call an emergency response team to come put out the fire. Your first concern should be about your home and Family Safety. Electrician Tulsa we like to provide our customers with hopeful safety tips so they can be safe and comfortable in their own homes and know what to look for as far as electrical hazards are concerned.