Content written for Electric City

When you work with electricity everyday like those employees of electrician Tulsa, there are many dangerous situations that can happen. That is why we are always very cautious when we make house calls where there have been Sparks or other signs of live electricity where it should not be. One of the most common things that we diagnose and see and fix are things that are broken because of an electrical surge.
What exactly is an electrical power surge? A power surge can also sometimes. They are fast and temporary increases in voltage within an electrical circuit. Surges that are unavoidable or going to happen occur when something boosts the electrical charge at some point during the circuit. Electrician Tulsa many of the from either the utility power rid that is Switched. Another common cause which is also the most powerful cause is lightning. We have seen instances where a house has been struck by lightning and the whole electrical circuit that includes all the appliances and Outlets and Etc has been ruined because the lightning bolt was so powerful that it immediately cause the whole circuit within the home to Surge, which caused a great amount of damage. It ruined all of the appliances, and most of the outlets in the wall, and some of the lighting.
Another thing that can cause a power surge is when large appliances in your home like an air conditioner, a refrigerator, or washer and dryer repeatedly turn off and on in a short amount of time or turn off and on a few times over a long period of time. This happens because the flow of electricity is being interrupted each time those appliances turn off and on. So each time it is turning back on the appliance is sending electricity flowing back into the system. If this happens repeatedly, then there is not time for the circuit to run the electricity like it normally would before more electricity is put into the circuit. This will cause a power surge, and a call to electrician Tulsa is needed.
Some customers worry that electrical surges can cause fires. It is true that some electrical fires can be caused by a surge. Power surges are most likely to cause a fire when they are triggered by high power electrical devices such as elevators, air conditioners and other large appliances or units that use a large amount of electricity. A system overload can also cause a fire if you have too many high power appliances on the same Outlet, can overload that outlet and also cause an electrical fire.
A power surge is dangerous. Anytime electricity is going over the capacity of it’s circuit, and could result in a surge. And a Severe enough surge could lead to a fire or electrical shock. That is why it is very important to not overload your circuits, and to keep yourself as safe as possible during a storm and to make sure that you were appliances are functioning properly and not turning off and on repeatedly.