Have you ever had a service company not deliver on a promise? This can be a deal-breaker especially for those of us who work at electrician Tulsa. We do not like it when someone does not come through on a promise they have made. Part of servicing and service to our customers includes having a better relationship with our customers. We tried to be as translucent as possible or answering any questions they might have. We do not want our customer service for lack of it to be a deal breaker to any of our customers.

The first thing Electrician Tulsa do when we get a service call is to try to find out as much information as possible to save our customer time and money. Is it a simple repair that can be done in one day? Is it a larger renovation or repair that will take an electrician Tulsa several days? Is it something that would be charged as an hourly rate or is it a more expensive a project that would require an estimate before proceeding so that the customer can see the cost which might be more than they were expecting. Whatever the situation might be the more information we have the better it will be for us to serve our customers.

Our next step is to schedule a time. We will work around your schedule and come evenings or weekends if we have to. If there are people who cannot have us come during the work day and we can schedule an after-hours appointment so that it will better fit their schedule. If it is during hours then we’ll get there in as little as 24 to 48 hours most of the time. This is a service that we want our customers to be satisfied with I know that you might have a problem they will get a quick response from us.

Our next step is to show up to our appointment on time. Of course we appreciate at least a 24-hour notice if possible for cancellations, and we will do our best to have the same courtesy. If we cannot be there due to some unforeseen emergency we will give you as much notice as possible and hope that my customers would do the same for us. Our time is valuable and we know a customers time is valuable our customers time as very valuable. When we show up to the appointment we will answer any questions explain what we are doing along the way. We are committed to serving you and explaining things in simple terms that even people who have no electrical background can understand.

So little short of it is that we will do a lot of things to keep our promise to you and make our commitment to you top priority. I do not want our for service or skills to be a deal-breaker to you why you would not call us again. This is one of the reasons why our customers tend to really like us and our service and recommend us to family members and friends and also Carla again and again. So if your time and money is important to you then give us a call and we will do our best to make your experience with us satisfactory and Beyond.