Electrician Tulsa I DIY Mistakes

Content written for Electric City

There are so many people who try to do projects on their own these days there are so many resources for them to access. You can find a video on YouTube about how to fix anything. There are also a good amount of how to videos online. Some of these videos can be very helpful and there are some jobs that can definitely be done buy an inexperienced person who is following directions of an expert on YouTube or online, or under some other direction. There are so many places to get the supplies you need and you can always order anything you want on Amazon.

However, electrician Tulsa is one job that might need more than just a do-it-yourself video from YouTube. Electrical work can be very dangerous especially to someone who does not know what they are doing. Or have experience with electricity. However, there are some people who have some knowledge of electricity who do try to do electrical work on their own. Well it might not be a good idea, some of them are probably capable of doing a few things around the house.

Some of the most common mistakes of do-it-yourself homeowners that they make when they are doing electrical work, Making Connections outside of an electrical box, and cutting wires too short. Making a connection outside in electrical box is a bad idea because then it is not inside the electrical box and not with the other electrical wiring which requires a breaker. If a connection is outside the box it may not have a breaker so it may not flip off if there is a problem. That is the most important reason why it is so important that you put all connections inside the electrical box where they belong. If your electrical box does not have room, do not try to add more or squish it in. You need to call a certified electrician and have him help you had either another box or see if there’s an option to add space for it.

Another problem with putting in electrical connection outside of an electrical box is the fact that it is not protected and it looks a very bad and unsightly. Most people would not want a connection on a wall or roof or at exterior wall or anywhere where it is visible. It is best to put it in the box with all the others where it can be safe and secure and look good too.

Another job that do it yourself homeowners try to do is rewiring either a outlet or some simple project. What they don’t realize is that if you cut the wires too short, then you will have electrical problems. That is why you should never cut the wire until you are sure that it is the right length and that you have already made sure it will reach the place it needs to reach. If it is too short then it cannot give a very good steady electrical current and may also send Sparks elsewhere which is a fire danger hazard and may cause a fire or other harmful damage. Enter we at electrician Tulsa always recommend calling a professional for all electrical work.