Content written for Electric City

Ever since electricity was discovered it has been evolving overtime. We learned so much about electricity and have been able to use in so many ways. In just the past 100 years we have made so much progress and advancements in the electrical field. Take the TV for example. It wasn’t even that long ago that there were only black and white TVs. Also, it was not uncommon for people to not have a TV. Nowadays, everyone has TVs and it is not uncommon for everyone to have several TVs maybe even one in each room. Of course they are all color televisions, flat screens HD or 3D and the list goes on and on and on.
That is not the only place television that we have made progress. Take for example central heat and air. We have the capability to heat or cool an entire house and have it maintain its temperature over long periods of time. That was not the case many years ago, and if there was a heating system it was very inefficient. The same goes for cooling systems. We have also made great progress in the number and efficiency of appliances that we use everyday.

The refrigerator is a great example. Refrigerators have been along for around 4 a very long time, but they have become more and more efficient as we have progressed. I used to be that refrigerators and freezers used a lot of energy and we’re not very efficient. They also wasted a lot of energy. Also they have become better at maintaining the temperature. The first refrigerator and freezer combos we’re always freezing food that was supposed to be in the refrigerator or not keeping food in the freezer cold enough and it would melt or thaw. Today we have refrigerators that you can control buy an app on your phone, and we also can see what is inside them from far away.

Crazy thing is at electrician Tulsa, when we think of where we will be in the next hundred years. What will we be able to do with Electric City then? Will we have all electric cars that maybe even fly?  People have been saying this for years that we would have flying cars by now, but the car/transportation industry is so concerned about making their vehicles more green by producing less emissions and using less oil or oil based products.  That means that a large amount of money is being spend on the use of batteries and and other eco friendlier sources of energy which largely includes electrician Tulsa.

This doesn’t mean that flying cars will never exist it just means that more emphasis is being put on our earth and the environment than ever has before due to the concerns of climate change and global warming.  This is good new for the electrical industry as we are able to convert wind and solar energy directly to be used for electrician Tulsa needs.