Content written for Electric City

This is one of our favorite years times of year at electrician Tulsa. Everyone seems to be in higher spirits and spirit of Christmas is in the air. People are happier and more giving and children are excited. We wanted to give you some safety tips to make your holidays Merry and ensure that they are not scary and that we can prevent household accidents and fires.
Tip number one is to keep all decorations 3 feet or more away from any heat Source especially any source with an open flame like a fireplace or candles. Also remember before you go to sleep to put out any fires or blow out any candles that you may have lit during the day. Leaving a fire unattended is a very quick way for things to heat up quickly and get out of hand. Needless to say this would ruin your holiday season if something were to catch on fire.
Tip number two from electrician Tulsa is to make sure your decorations are safe. This means anything that needs to be plugged in make sure that the cords are not under rugs, Furniture, going across windows walkways or sidewalks. You do not want the cord to overheat because it is not ventilated properly which could also Cause damage to your flooring rugs and potentially start a very dangerous fire.
Tip number 3 from electrician Tulsa, Christmas trees. If you have a natural real Christmas tree make sure to water it and keep it saturated with water so it does not dry out. It does not take long for a real Christmas tree to dry out if it is not water daily. There is no better kindling for fire in a dried-up Christmas tree that is next to a heat Source. It can catch on fire very quickly. Also once Christmas is over and you take your Christmas tree down, make sure that you dispose of it quickly. Do not leave it in your home or garage. As mentioned before it dries out quickly and quickly becomes a dangerous fire hazard.
Tip number for, always make sure you turn off your decorations when you are sleeping. This includes lights and other decorations that require electricity. Most deadly fires happen while people are asleep because by the time they wake up sometimes it is too late to get everyone to safety. Do not take unnecessary risks and leave your lights on all night or other decorations. It is better to be safe then kind of unnecessary risk to your family.
Holiday season in Tulsa are such a jolly time of year. We want all of our customers and all the residents of the Tulsa and surrounding areas to be safe so that they can enjoy this holiday season and many more with their friends, family, and loved ones.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends, neighbors, and customers. We look forward to seeing you in 2019