Content Written for Electric City

Working with electricity is very dangerous and we at Electrician Tulsa know that first hand.  Of course with every electrician’s training and work, they are taught the dangers of working with electricity and how to be safe, but that does not mean that there will never be accidents or things that go wrong.  We are very aware of how quickly electricity can hurt people or get out of hand with people especially people who do not have knowledge or experience working with electricity.

Electricity can cause a lot of different problems, but some of the more common would be an electrical fire and overheating of an appliance or circuit.  Sometimes an electrical fire can cause a fire without producing flames.  The warning signs of an electrical fire are a smell of burning electrical smell and wiring that is hot to the touch or cords that are warmer than they should be.  It is common for an electrician Tulsa fire to be burning or smoldering for a while.  Often times the first sign is that electrical burning smell or a warm cord or outlet.  If these signs are present you should start looking for the source of the smell or heat right away.  IF you can’t find the source and the smell persists it might be a good idea to call for help right away.

One thing about older homes is that their electrical panels are often located within a closet or small space that is next to insulation and very flammable.  Often times an electrical problem is not discovered until there are problems like an actual fire or flames that are visible which a very scary experience is.  Also it is important to remember that electrical fires should not be put out with water, but they should be smothered or put out by a fire extinguisher.  You should also call the fire department or 911 if you cannot get it under control in the first few seconds.  At Electrician Tulsa we always say that it is better to be sari than sorry when working with electricity.

There can be many things that cause electrical fires.  We previously mentioned old panels located near flammable materials. Some other things are appliances that are not working correctly.  Especially those using high voltage amounts of electricity.  A short in circuit or damaged wiring, some homes have the old copper wiring which is very outdated and could possibly be a fire hazard if it is not maintained over a long period of time.

Electrical fires are not joking matter and they are a real possibility for everyone who uses electricity in their homes.  It is not likely, but still definitely possible even in the newest homes to or the most careful hands like Electrician Tulsa.  We are very careful in all our work because we want to keep our customers safe and our employees safe too.    It is not worth the risk to us to do jobs more efficiently if it means sacrificing the safety of anyone involved.