Content Written for Electric City

When we think of electrical hazards, the first thing we think of is not often light bulbs.  at electrician Tulsa, we feel it is important to our customers know that even though we don’t often think of light bulbs as being electrical hazards there is still a potential four light bulbs to cause fire or other electrical problems. Anytime a light bulb is kept near A flammable material such as sheets, blankets, curtains, or any plastic items such as plastic tablecloths or other items even a couch is flammable or other upholstery if it is close to a label for too long.

Like all sources of electricity light bulbs can also cause electric shock so you must be careful to make sure that electrical light bulbs and light switches are turned off before you attempt to change a new light bulb. You always want to make sure that your hands are dry and that any light bulb coverings or Hardware is also a dry before you try to replace a light bulb or put the hardware back. You should always also try to ensure that you use a light bulb that has the correct wattage for the light fixture you are putting it in so that you can prevent overheating which can also cause electrical problems.

Electrician Tulsa, just a few weeks ago, we had an employee whose children or throwing pillows and one of the pillows landed against a light that was located low on the wall. Those children then left the room and also left the light on for a extended period of time. It was not until several hours later that they discovered a burning smell coming from the room. After inspection, the pillow was down with a black hole the size of the light bulb completely through all the layers of the pillow to the middle.

It was very fortunate for an hour electrician Tulsa family that something more serious than a burned pillow did not occur. Pillows and the stuffing inside in particular are very flammable and it probably would have resulted in a fire had it not been removed from the light when it was. This was a very scary, but I opening experience which caused a particular family to be more careful and to update their children Andre teach them about the safety of electricity and the potential fire hazards. Electricity is a serious thing, and no joke.

Just like this family, it is easy for any  family or Community member to be a little negligent and have a serious problem, but sometimes it takes a little scare to remind you how uncareful you have been. It is hard sometimes to remember to be careful, but it only takes one little mistake to make you wake up and realize how important it is that you are safe, and that you teach your children about safety to prevent possible accidents.  Once they understand the seriousness of the situation, then they will be more likely to be careful too.