Content written for Electric City

Most people have a conscience intend to get good or bad vibes from other people. Have you ever met somebody and just had a bad feeling about them? The opposite can also be true can meet somebody and not really know them but just have a good feeling about them. These Impressions or first instincts can be very important. And many cases they turn out to be accurate, not always and some people are much more better person to make judgments. Electrician Tulsa we want to do everything we can to make our first impression give you good vibes.

We look and act professional. Have you ever had someone come to your house saying they were from a business yet not wearing a uniform or have a name tag or look like they work at a business at all? That can be the first clue that something isn’t right. People can say they work for someone but how do you really know? How do you know that they are who they say they are and they are going to do? That is very important to us. When we hire people we always do a background check. We also require them to wear a electrician Tulsa shirt with our logo on it, as well as a name badge or at least have their badge and ID in their possession. That way if anyone questions them they can pull out their work certified badge and ID to put people’s mind at ease that they are in fact from our company and they are at your home to do a good job not to scam you.

Another thing we do is require a person 18 years or older to be at home at all times. We do not want people to think that we take advantage of their home or property that while they are away or that we take advantages of a minor who is left at home. It is a safety protocol for you and your family and property, and also for us. Well we have great customers, some people would not hesitate to accused or curse of stealing or committing some felony that perhaps they really did not.

We also promise that we will be secure with your credit card information or any other payment information that you give to us. All credit card numbers are used only for the amount you specified, and are not kept on file. Unless asked by a customer, we use the credit card to pay the amount you ask is to and then we do not store that credit card number in our files unless we are specifically asked by a customer, which in some cases happens if they are a frequent customer and we continually do work for them on a regular basis.

The same is true about your phone number and email and address information. If we collect this information from you it is solely used for billing, service calls, or perhaps mailing out flyers or coupons for discounts or promotions that we are running. We do not sell your information to third-party companies to make extra money. We keep all this information private and it is only accessible to those who need it to either bill or make payments, or for our service call electricians to go make home or business visits.

It is true that some people can give off a good or bad feeling about themselves, but we try our very best at electrician Tulsa to make you comfortable and at ease and at home with us. We are professional, we look professional and we only give our customers the very best. We keep our records confidential and your information is top priority to us and we will not share it or sell it to any other company or individual. We want you to trust us at Electrician Tulsa.