Content written for Electric City

Chances are if you are a small business owner you are always looking for ways that you can help your company to grow bigger and grow faster. There are many ways for companies to do this depending on the company. Electrician Tulsa we are a small electrical company located in the Tulsa area. We have found a few ways that have helped us to get growth in a short amount of time, or in ways that we had not thought of before.

The first thing we did before we even started a company was to research our competition. We wanted to know if an electrical company like electrician Tulsa would do well here. So we had to find out how many electricians are already located here, the rates that they charge, and the services they perform. After this research we were able to conclude that this would be a good place to have an electric company. We had to be competitive, willing to work in remote places since Oklahoma has many small towns, and also have something that differentiated us from these other competitors. We decided we wanted to be known for our honesty and customer service. So far we have grown very quickly and we are well reviewed by our customers.

Another way that we have been able to grow especially in our customer database is by creating and continually adding to our customer contacts. Many of our customers find us by looking on the internet or from reviews or by Word of Mouth. For this reason it is important that we make sure our customer service is very good, and that customers will give us a good recommendation or review. This is basically our only marketing tool is through social media, websites like Google or Yelp, and By Word of Mouth from previous customers. Every time we have a customer we keep track of them, and as much information about them that we can get such as phone number, email, and any other information that might be helpful to us later. We are continually sending these people promotions, calling and asking about their experiences and many other things. It has really helped our business to continue to grow.

Chances are if you have your own business like Electrician Tulsa, you are always on the lookout for how to improve your company and help it grow.  There are many different areas you can focus your energy on, but whatever you do you need to step back and look at the overall big picture. How will this affect my company short term and long term?  How is it going to be effective and who will it affect the most. ARe the logistics of my company structurally sound to add this much growth in a short amount of time. That is how we are use to looking at situations.  From a distance so that you can have a clear mind and not be so quick to make rash decisions.