Content written for Electric City

Modern technology is so amazing and enables businesses like Electrician Tulsa to do so many things that make life so much simpler and easier to manage a business with.  The first thing that makes an Electrician Tulsa technician life is the use of a cell phone.  It is difficult to imagine that just 20 years ago, most people did to own a cell phone.  What a difference that can make!  Imagine having to stay around the office or having someone by your landline to always field calls.  Answering phone calls or waiting for phone calls would have been a full time job.

While Technicians are out on the job someone is by the landline waiting for call to come in and answering questions and making a schedule without being able to communicate with the technicians right away.  Sometimes not being able to reach your technicians for several hours at a time.  Having cell phones for everyone is a big key to having good communication and transparency in a company.  There are also many times when a technician has questions about how to proceed with a situation or has questions for his supervisor that need to be answered quickly.  It is almost impossible to do this kind of work effectively without  having  a phone in hand that you can talk to the people you need to.

We have also had situations where a truck or work van has got a flat tire or had other mate Nance problems and we have to deal with them.  When an electrician Tulsa technician is on the road and gets a tire it is so easy for him to call another employee or roadside assistance for help and to let his costumers know that he might be late or need to reschedule or if we need to send someone else on the job.  Without a phone it would be difficult to reach all the people needed and would take a lot longer to get repairs on the vehicle.  Having a phone make all this much easier and less time spent dealing with the problem.  A minor vehicle rapier becomes a small hiccup as opposed to a several hour or sometimes day ending costly repair.  We also use the maps on our phone to find our customers location very quickly and efficiently and we are not driving around lost.

While it is true that we are very used to phones now, we don’t have to go back very far to see the difference they can make to a company like Electrician Tulsa.  How many times a day do you use your phone?  We use our phones so often and take the for granted so often that we don’t even really think about all the things we use them for.  But when we lose a phone or it is not working or available for whatever reason then we feel like our life is unmanageable and we are very much inconvenienced.  That is that way it is in our society.