Content written for Electric City

It is always surprising when you hear of a company or work for a company that has the appearance of being successful, and at times even make a lot of money, but still goes bankrupt because they do not know how to successfully manage a business.  Like any other business, Election Tulsa is a series of processes.  If you want your business to run smoothly and efficiently you have to figure out all the processes within your bushiness and find the best way to runt hem.

If you can run a business like Electrician Tulsa by quickly figuring out the best way to be effect then you will know how to eliminate a lot of waste in the form of time and money.  For example, someone who runs their business by not learning form mistakes will probably never succeed.  One way that we have become very efficient is in our scheduling.  WE have technicians that cover certain areas or go to various jobs.  In the beginning we just sent whoever was available, but now we have managed to set up where people go to areas and customers that are located close to each other as opposed to driving all over the place.  This has saved our company money in a lot of ways.

The Electrician Tulsa technician is in the car less which means he is using less gas money and traveling time.   This means that the technician is on the job more making more money and using time more efficiently.  Because he is driving less, he is also putting less miles on the vehicle which means less wear and tear and fewer miles so less money in repairing that vehicle.  It is surprising how much better you can run your company just by improving one small process.

Another process that we have improved is the way that we do reviews and follow up with our customers.  At Electrician Tulsa, It used to be the job of the office manager to email every customer and to find out how their experience went working with us.  This was something that was not very effective because most customers would never see the email or would not bother to respond.  It was also a job that was causing the manager a lot of stress because it added to her already heavy load of responsibilities.

By bringing in a new part time employee to Electrician Tulsa, we were able to give this responsibility to have that person and make it more efficient by having that employee actually call every customer and have a conversation about how their experience with electrician went and how it could improve.  Then we ask them for a review.  The number of people who actually respond has increased by a huge margin because they have had a real conversation with the us and feel like we have their best interest at heart.  They are also usually much more willing to give us positive feedback and share their experience with others.  This is a much needed improvement to our company.