Content written for Electric City  

Every business or entrepreneur has a competitor. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar store or an idea, if you have a successful idea, service, or product, chances are very high that you also have a competitor who is making or doing the exact or similar things than you and your business. This is true for electrician Tulsa as well. We have many competitors in the Tulsa area, and well of course we think we are the best, they also think they are the best so we have to keep an eye on them and no what things they are doing so we can make sure that we are not being outdone.

In the service business, so much of our success depends upon the way customers perceive us. If they give us a call and we do a job for them, and we do a mediocre job, then chances are they will look for someone new the next time they have an electrical problem. If the technicians from Electric City in Tulsa do a fabulous job and every need is met and every question answered, chances are all so high that next time that customer needs an electrician in Tulsa, they will call us first every time.

So what does this have to do with our competitors? We have to make sure that we are competitive and all areas. Meaning we have the best customer service, competitive rates, and qualified electricians. This is not always easy because sometimes we are very busy and do not always have time to do our homework to find out what other electricians are charging hourly, or what their their policies are. However, being competitive with our competitors does not necessarily mean that we copy what they do. What it does mean is that we do our job the best we can, I’ve a fair price I’m not with exceptional customer service I know that we have a great chance of having a return call from that customer or a referral. That is how we stay competitive with our competition.

We don’t have the time or the means to figure out whatever every other electrician in the Tulsa area is doing., how much they are charging, or what their customer service is like. All we know is that if we do our best keep are prices as low as possible that we have always been very competitive at electrician Tulsa in the past. In fact, we are one of the highest rated electricians in all of Oklahoma.

So, at electrician Tulsa we know that our competitors are very important and that being better than a competition is important to our success. We can only do this by being the best we can, not by being paranoid and taking out our competitors and exactly what they’re doing. So far our strategy has worked very well as we have continually grown and expanded our company into what it is today.