Content written for Electric City

The thought of an electrical fire is very scary for most people. Electrical fires are very dangerous because unlike other fires trying to put them out with water only makes it worse. Some customers wonder what causes electrical fires. There can be many causes from Bad outlets and receptors to old appliances. The thing that we have learned is that some appliances are more likely to cause electrical fires or problems than others.
Electrician Tulsa we have seen the most electrical fires or damage caused by washing machines. This may be surprising to most people because the washing machine is not something that produces a lot of heat. But a washing machine of course he is is a lot of water which is a great conductor of electricity so when you get a bad plug on a washing machine then it is a good conductor of electricity. So if your washing machine is faulty then you are at risk of possible electrical issues or even a fire.
The next most likely Appliance to cause a fire is a tumble dry dryer. The dryer of course does produce a lot of heat. If there is something wrong with an electrical outlet or where has a loose wire or bad cord, then it does not take long for it to overheat and cause potential of a fire or other electrical injury. That is why it is important to make sure your appliances are working properly and are in good working condition all the time.
Next most common thing is a dishwasher to give you a headache or have the potential of starting a house fire. A dishwasher is like the combination of a washer and dryer because it uses a lot of hot water but also has a heating element. If something goes wrong with the dishwasher both of these things can be potentially fatal to the dishwasher and also have a potential to start a house fire. It is surprising that something you use everyday can be a fire hazard.  Although it is not very common and most appliances are completely safe, it is always a small chance if you don’t take precautions.
Electrician Tulsa very concerned about the safety of our customers and we want to help them stay safe. If there is any doubt about whether an appliance is working properly or an Ella is bad you should always give us at electrician Tulsa a call to help you decide if a new appliances needed or perhaps rewiring of and now that or receptacle.
There are many ways that electrical fires can start. Most people even we are sometimes surprised that the most common causes. These can easily be avoided it’s a little extra precaution, safety and care for your appliances and electrical wiring overall. If you ever notice or think something to be out of the ordinary or have a funny smell it is best to get it checked out by a professional then to take your chance of causing a fire or other harm.