Content written for Electric City

At Electrician Tulsa, we go into a lot of homes in the Tulsa communities.  A large part of our business is doing home service calls to fix some electrical aspect of a home and we have seen a lot of various homes from huge and luxurious, to small and humble.  Being electricians on of the first things that we notice when we go into the home is what is the lighting like?  Is the home well light or are the lights outdated and dim.  Because we have such a variety of lights and we see such a variety we are able to notice things right off, but it is always a little surprising when you go into a very dim lit home and no one seems to notice it but you.

Everyone depends on Electrician Tulsa Electricity to see, but some people do not even know the difference between being in a well-lit home opposed to a poorly lit home because their eyes are accustomed to it.  Houses that were built in the 90’s or before are often not lit as well as those built after.  It is usually due to the way that the electrical system is laid out.  Usually there re not enough light bulbs in a room, and also the lights that are being used are not the brightest either.  Unfortunately this usually occurs in the homes of older people who need the light much more because their eyesight is failing, but hey either doesn’t notice of don’t have the money t fix it.  It would help them in their everyday living so much.

When you go into a home that is new, you might notice the kinds of lights they are using, how many, and the difference it makes.  For example, most new homes Use can lights with LED light bulbs.  They are also placed closer to gather to give off more light so that even at night your home is well lit.  IT is amazing to see the kind of difference it can make.  One of our favorite projects at Electrician Tulsa is to redo the lighting in an older home and then let the homeowners see the difference and wonder how they even survived before they had great lighting.  IT is something that people endure because they don’t know the difference, but then when they do change it or see the difference they never want to go back to ho it was before.

At Electrician Tulsa, we do many things, but none more important than making sure that people’s lights in their homes are functioning properly.  For some that might mean an upgrade or complete remodel of their home lighting system.  For others it might mean switching a few light bulbs to LED, or replacing a few light fixtures.  It is usually a pretty easy fix, but can take some time, and depending on the home and the age of the home and the condition it is in it can require a lot more time and money, but it’s always worth it!