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At electrician Tulsa, we get a lot of questions from our customers. One of the questions that we recently got from a customer is should we only run our appliances at night. Now this might sound like a weird question, but what this customer was referring to is that some electrical companies or electrical suppliers to homes and businesses offer their electricity cheaper and that it’s cheaper rate during certain off peak hours. It is a very good question, and a lot of people do not know if they’re article power company offers these kind of programs or not.
In the Tulsa area and surrounding communities, that electrician Tulsa serves, AEP which is the main power source for most of the area does offer a discounted rate for off peak hours for electrical use. What exactly does that mean? It means that peak hours are when most people use electricity so most people will use a large amount of electricity during the day like for doing laundry, vacuuming, running a dishwasher and other things like that. It is also the busiest time for most companies because most companies do most of their business during the day. That is what determines peak hours, when the most amount of electricity is used throughout the day. Therefore, at electrician Tulsa, peak hours are more expensive to use than off-peak hours.
What exactly are off peak hours then? Well off peak hours are the hours usually either early in the morning or late in the evening or night or not as many people are using as much electrical energy. For example not many people wash clothes during middle of the night as many people do it during the day. Most people do not cook late at night, or run a load of dishwasher late at night. That is why off peak hours are offered a day slightly lower rate than on peak hours.
If you can work your schedule around the off peak hours, then you will actually end up saving quite a bit of money that might be worth your time. For example, if you run your dishwasher 2 hours later than usual it will cost you last. Most energy programs that offer also offer free weekend off peak hours. The energy is not free, but the weekends are called free because you do not have to worry about.
So, if our customers ask, at electrician Tulsa we always recommend that they find out if there electrical power source does offer program such as these. It is worth your time to look into it and find out about how you can lower your electric bill, while at the same time using less energy. We definitely think it is worth your time to find out what your electrical source company is willing to do for you as you try to conserve energy. It is important to be safe during the night especially because that is when most house fires occur.