Content written for Electric City

At Electrician Tulsa, we have so many great employees.  Our business is really built around an amazing group of skilled electricians that are so qualified and have a vast knowledge of electricity.  We also have many electricians who are good at particular jobs.  Some are good at customer service and being punctual, while others are good at explaining processes to people and fixing it quickly.  All of these things are important and we have many electricians that have many of these qualities but we have one Electrician Tulsa who is great at all of these things.

This Electrician Tulsa is Bob.  Bob is so great at all of these things that he is our best residential electrician by far.  Not only does he have great electrical skills, but his people skills are out of this world too.  He is able to quickly connect with the customer and explain what he will be doing that day in terms that the customer can understand even if they have very limited or no knowledge at all of electricity.  He is always punctual and will always call the customers when he is on the way or close to their home so that they can know to expect him.

Bob is also very kind and patient.  He takes the time to make sure that the customer understands what is going on and how much it is expected to be before he starts the job.  He is always willing to answer any questions and gives the customer the best and multiple options if they are available.  He is honest and does his work in a very though and complete manner.  He works quickly but does not rush so much that he sacrifices the quality of his work.

And the most important thing about Bob is that is a really good Electrician.  He knows his stuff.  He can fix anything electrical and has many certificates and licenses and many hours of on the job experience.  If there is a problem, then he will find a way to fix it even if it involves some creative thinking.  Sometimes in older homes especially wiring can be if weird or difficult places to access and he always does a great job getting to the source of the problem in the least intrusive way possible.

It is employees like Bob at Electrician Tulsa that make our customers so loyal to us.  In return we are very loyal to our customers and especially our employees.  We are aware that without good employees we would not be able to retain as many customers as we do and get the great feedback that we get from them.  Having full confidence and trust in your employees is a huge thing and we definitely feel like we have all the trust and confidence in the world in Bob and we hope that he will continue to be a part of our team for many more years to come.