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When you are trying to build a business, it is important that you know right off that if you have a successful product or service, then your product or service will most likely be copied and sold in a different name or label. This is just the way of business. There are of course copyright laws and patents to protect you from exact replication, but these laws cannot stop someone else from using your great idea to become successful themselves. Add electrician Tulsa we understand that it is an open market and that we have to continually improve if you want to stay on top of the game.

The first came to the Tulsa area we knew because of the studying that we had done that Tulsa and surrounding areas would be a great place for us to have and Electric Company. Were you the first to have this idea? Of course not. There are several other electrical companies that are here before us oh, and I have been very successful. We knew we could be successful because we had a good business model and plan, and the know-how and Personnel to execute it. We also were experienced business men and women and we knew how to be done.

This is not mean that we did not worry the other people would try to imitate us. Shortly after we opened our company which was originally A J Electric, another company shows the same name in the same area. This presented a problem as we did not want customers to be confused between the two companies. We do not know the other company and did not know if they offered the same. We do not want customers to call the other company thinking it was us, and have a terrible experience with them.

This of course would damage our relationship with that customer but also the potential relationships with future customers if they were to tell their friends, family, or neighbor what a bad experience they had and not to use AJ Electric. This makes our company look bad when in reality I did not deliver such a terrible experience.

This was just one example of some of the things we had to change so that we could be and continued success. You chose a new name and were able to get the word out to our customers the reason for changing, and the slogan came new name same great business. This has been able to clarify with our customers that we are still offering the same great service at Electrician Tulsa and prices just under a different name so they are not confused.

This is not the only setback that we have had, and it is not the only time that somebody has copied a name or I do from us. We know it will not be the last either. This is just a way of business. It is a free market and this is what the business. If a company does not have competitors there is no incentive for them to offer such great customer service and pricing. So competitive with other companies actually works in favor of our customers. We understand this and we still want to be the number one electrician in the electrician Tulsa area. This requires constant attention to our company as well as what other companies are doing so that we can stay on top of I working and continue to change and make improvements when needed. It is important for us to stand out Above the Rest so that we can better serve you.