Content written for Electric City

Many people have had power surges in their homes, and may not have even known it. At electrician Tulsa when we do a service call to someone’s home or business, we are surprised with how little knowledge the overall general public has concerning the safety of electricity, especially trying to contain your electrical circuit so it does not have a power surge. Power surges when there is increase energy within an electrical circuit. It can cause Appliance failure, electrical shock, or even in extreme cases electrical fire.
The best way to protect yourself from a power surge is to get a UPS surge protector strip. And UPS protect surge protector is a power strip that will protect your appliances and devices when there is a power surge so that they will not be ruined. It also protects from sags surges and lightning strikes. Do not buy an unprotected powerstrip because they do nothing to protect your expensive and important equipment from Power surges.
Another saying about power surges, is that they can actually be a source of an increase in your electricity bill. When any of your electrical products have a surge or an increase in voltage it affects the quality of the power and it can short out batteries or even short out one of your large appliances if the electric jolt is strong enough and travels to your product. If you continually have these power surges it will also cause your electrical bill to be higher than normal because you are having frequently higher number of electrical volts used within the circuit even if you aren’t increasing the use of your appliances or other devices.
Many people call us at electrician Tulsa complaining of an appliance that is not working, or an outlet or two that have suddenly stopped working, or maybe even a light bulb. More often than not the problem is is that people have overloaded their Outlet. People often plug many things into one Outlet or one electrical power strip. You have to be careful about how many things are plugged into one electrical circuit, and how much that electrical circuit can support. If you have too many things plugged into one Outlet it will cause a power surge and could cause power failure, electrical shock, or in extreme cases maybe even an electrical fire..
Electricity is something that we all depend on every day. Without it, life is very inconvenient and different. That is why we at electrician Tulsa would like to give the safety caution at if you suspect you might have a power failure, or power surging occurring, please do not try to handle it or fix the problem on your own. Our professional help is just a phone call away, respond to emergencies very quickly and also can usually come out for a typical house call within one day of your calling us it is always better to keep you and your family safe rather than try to save a few dollars by attempting to fix electrical problems on your own.