Content written for Electric City

Are you having trouble keeping customers and customer retention?  Here are a few tips that have worked well for Electrician Tulsa in the past several years.  First of all you need to create ways to enhance the customer experience. For example, consider using a rewards program or some other unexpected way to reward your customers for being loyal.  If you are a service company consider a small discount or freebie for those customers who are loyal over a period of time.

Next test your strategies that you sue to reach your customers.  Does social media work best for what group of people. Do customers prefer phone calls or texts or email?  Make it individual for each customer and keep track of how they prefer to be contacted and how or when they want to do business.  Most of the older generation would probably prefer a personal phone call as opposed to a text or email. Many millenials and younger people would probably respond better to social media and other electronic messaging.  The more you can personalize your client or customers the better your relationship with them will be.

Second ant Electrician Tulsa, we try to be where our customers are.  Electrician Tulsa is a great location for us because it is central to so many small communities around it.  We are willing to travel quite a long distance of help someone, just because we know that if we go above and beyond to help someone out, they are more than likely to call us back the next time they need an electrical service.  There are some remote places in the Tulsa area, that some electrons will not travel to. By being flexible, we are able to gain customer loyalty.

Be passionate and engaged with your customers.  Really listen to them, and do what you say you are going to do.  Do you need to go over board? Not at all, but listen to what they say they want and not just always go for what is easier or better for your.  Do what you promise, or go beyond what you say, and they will be loyal to you more often than not.

Last of all be honest with your customers all the time with no exceptions and you will find that it will make your relationship with that customer so much better and genuine..  Don’t over promise on things. Don’t say you will be there early and then show up late.  Always make sure you Tell them the correct price instead of surprising them in the end with a larger cost than they thought.  Don’t over promise on what you can do, and then have to tell them it can’t be done. Be honest about your limits and they will respect you for your honesty.   Customers really dislike to be led on and promised things that are then not delivered. That is probably one of the fastest ways to lose a customer.