Content written for Electric City

Being an Electrician Tulsa and working with electricity everyday can be very dangerous, but being an electrician is not only dangerous when we are working around electrical wiring.  It is also dangerous because there are many times when we have to climb ladders to install lights or fans or replace bad connection. We are also driving all over Tulsa to various customers homes and businesses so that is also a potential time when someone can get hurt or injured.

We are very proud that in all the years of our business here in the Electrician Tulsa area, we have not had one accident that was because our employees were not being safe.  We train our employees to be safe in every way and at every opportunity. We require hard hats, when we are working around heavy equipment and in dangerous environment. We require harnesses when our electricians are climbing or fixing something that is up high.  We also require steel toe boots everyday so that when something is dropped, they are protected from any possible object hurting their feet.

Because our technicians at Electrician Tulsa are required to drive from house to house or business to business we also emphasize the importance of good and careful driving. It is our Electric City policy that they must of course have a valid driver’s license and they must also have a clean driving record.  We also have a policy in our company taht anyone who is driving a company car must drive within the speed limit at all times. Even when they are late to an appointment, they must drive carefully so that they do not hurt themselves or someone else. We would rather have them be late or even miss the appointment than put themselves or others at risk.

Because the electricians is so concerned about safety we make it a very top priority and stress that safety importance to all our employees. We want them to return home to their families safe and sound every day after work.  Because we have been so long without an accident ( we have never had on a job site), that means that we get better insurance rates which means that we have to pay for insurance for our employees is not as high as some companies.  Because we are able to pay lower insurance rates, we can pass that savings on to our customers. If we don’t have to pay as much we can charge our customers less. We also do not have any workers compensation due to injuries which also saves us money which we can pass on as well.

It pays to be safe in more ways than one, but the most important thing is that our employees and our customers continue to be safe so that they can return home to their loved ones each night and can feel safe and secure in their work environment.  After all the safety of our employees is our top priority.