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Are you recently thinking of buying a home? Are you thinking of buying an older home and possibly fixing it up? If you are, there are a few things you need to know about it and we had electrician Tulsa can help you decide if the electrical system in your new or older home is up to code and in good working order.

If you are looking at a home that is more than 50 years old you definitely need a very experienced electrician to inspect your whole electrical wiring system throughout the house. The reason for this is that there have been so many changes in the way we do electricity now, and also changes in the code of electrician Tulsa, that it is very likely if you are buying an older home that there are some changes that are going to have to be made. It is also necessary to have us check to see what is a possible fire hazard and how we can prevent that.

If you are buying a home that is less than 50 years old there are still some suggestions that we had electrician Tulsa make to those future or possible home buyers. First of all, we recommend that you get an inspection for any home that you were going to buy. It is required to have your home inspected if you are getting a loan, that you have electrician that you trust come and give it a quick look over. Most inspectors are General inspectors and might not catch small things especially if your home is older than 20 years.

If you are buying a new home that is a little different because you have to have your electrical work done up to code and if it is new within the last 5 years there have not been very many changes that are on the code so if you are buying a new home then there is a good chance your home will need less electrical wiring then many of the older homes. It is important that you keep an electrician around just to check things out of every 5 or 10 years.

Some people wonder if it is best to buy a new or old home. There are pros and cons to both. Here in sunny and stormy Tulsa we just recommend that you be careful either way. It is possible for a new home to not be built well and therefore the electrical system not be done right, however, this is very rare as most electrical systems are current and up-to-date in a new-build. In an older home it is much more risky although they usually cost less money so you might have more money to put into your home. Whatever you decide, let us help you make sure your electrical system is safe.  This is a very important step to make sure that you don’t overlook when you are going through the process of home buying.