Electrician Tulsa I The Power of Lights

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Have you ever noticed that well which areas either homes or businesses seem to have a lower crime rate? This is not just an observation but a proven fact. If an area is well-lit especially at night and it is less likely to be broken into by thieves. At electrician Tulsa we have also noticed this in our own experience. We believe it is very important to have proper lighting day and night, especially if you are a business owner and your business is closed and no one is there during the night hours. Chase

One thing that you can do to really improve the safety of your business would be to add motion detector lights and also exterior lights that are activated on a timer. This means that when the Sun starts to go down your lights will come on making sure that your area or business is well-lit at all times. We can also add a motion detector that when people come close a light will turn on as a warning that someone is closed. This can be a great safety device as a bright light will usually deter a thief or someone who is up to no good. Enter another important thing to remember is to have a well-lit parking area.

Some people might wonder why you would pay so much money to have lights in the parking lot at night when your business is closed. This is to keep unwanted activity away from your business. These are not the only kind of person who can damage your property or business. If your parking lot is dark it is a lot more welcoming to suspicious activity or something that might be a little shady. If it is well it is most likely going to deter people from doing anything wrong there. Another option would be to add security cameras on your lamp posts so that if something does happen you could watch and see who and what exactly was involved. Keeping areas well lit is very important in reducing the amount of crime in your neighborhood, around your home, or in your place of business.

If you are in need of some lighting updates especially in your commercial or business setting, please give us a call. We can help you with all your electrical needs especially making sure that your business is well-lit and protected and that you are as safe as you can be as well as your company or building or whatever you may have.

It doesn’t really take much sometimes to deter thieves or people who would do harm to your property. A few motion detector lights and timer lights can go a long way when it comes to preventing crime around your home or business. It is just not as common to have those kinds of incidents such as robbery and harassment if there is adequate lighting outside. So if you want a little extra piece of mind give us a call at electrician Tulsa and we will be glad to come help you analyze and decide where you want to put your outdoor lights so that you can feel safer.