Content written for Electric City

Electricity is everywhere around us.  We use it in our homes, business, cars, and pretty much everywhere we go.  It is also around us when we are not always aware of it. Like lightning in a storm, or static electricity that is created by friction.  At Electrician Tulsa, we feel it is important to make sure that we are always safe when we are around electricity and we want our customers to be safe too.  It is always surprising how many people act carelessly around electricity. Sometimes those actions are due to carelessness acts, but other times they are because a person is ignorant, but either way electricity can be dangerous and potentially life threatening if not respected and used in a safe manner.

Some of the most common household mistake we see in an Electrician Home is when people leave small household appliances such as curing irons, hair dryers and other small things close to a water source.  For example there will be as sink or bathtub of water and a hair dryer right next to ti. If the hair dryer was to fall and it was on it would be a very dangerous situation very fast. All it would take was a slight bump or accidental drop of the hair dryer.  

A common mistake we see in a business type setting at Electrician Tulsa is that outlets are overloaded with competitors and other electrical devices.  Also the devices are not getting the proper ventilation taht they need which usually causes overheating. This can and often does writing the device and leads to overheating as well which if left long enough could lead to a fire, or at the very least hte cord melings and causing damage to the flooring around it.

Many people also use extension cords  that are meant for indoor use outside.  This can be dangerous because outdoor extension cords have a thicker coating and are a lot more durable than just your normal indoor extension cord.  At Electrician Tulsa we always recommend using the right heavy duty extension cord for any outdoor use not matter how small the job, or how short you will be using the extension cord for.  When you are purchasing an extension cord for outdoor use you should always look on the labels to see if it is safe and especially made for outdoor use. It should say right on the label.

Again the safety of our customers and community members is our number one priority here for Electric City.  If we see unsafe practices then it is our job and our commitment to customers that we will inform them and also help the to understand why it is unsafe and how they can fix the problem before it becomes dangerous.  There are so many ways that people are usage whether it is carelessness, or ignorance. Electricity is very useful and we all depend on it, but the shocking truth is that if it’s misused even once, it can lead to very serious consequences.