Electrician Tulsa l This content was written for Electric City.

Do you live in a home older than 12 years? Did you know that many of those homes in Tulsa
still have the original electrical panels? Many of those panels are now considered unsafe and
Dangerous. Electrician Tulsa is here to help you update your electrical panels and keep you
safe. Many people do no notice older panels or are not aware of the potential threats they can
One of the reasons old panels are considered unsafe is because they are often located in small
closets next to very flammable materials such as clothing and insulation. If there ever was an
electrical problem, it could very quickly get of hand if it was in such a location. Some
electricians have even “added on” more panels to the existing old panel which increases the risk
of heating up and failing, which is even more dangerous and increases the risk of fire hazards.
One call to an Electrician Tulsa at Electric City can solve all your problems. We are certified
and trained electricians who are very knowledgeable in the newest, best, and safest electrical
equipment for your home. We can update your old panel with a new and more efficient panel.
This will make your home safer as well as giving you peace of mind about your electrical
systems working properly and not being potential fire hazards.
As always we here at Electrician Tulsa ensure only the best products and customer service. We
will happily come by your home and check your panel for safety and to see if it is efficient. We
can also provide a quote and recommendations on which equipment is right for your specific
needs all at no cost to you. We do not oversale or try to get our customers to buy equipment or
have service that is not needed. Your trust is important to us and we want to keep it. We will
get you the best service for the best price, and we always stand by our work. If you are not
happy, please let our owner Jeff Tilton know. He will personally contact you and make sure
that the work completed is the best quality and that our customers are always treated fairly.
AT Electric city, we want you to be safe. One of the ways that you can be secure about your
electrical system is to know more about it. Our electricians can inform you of possible danger
and any threats that might come along with have an old or outdated electrical panel. We can
easily update your electrical equipment to help you feel safe and have peace of mind knowing
that your old panel is not a danger to you or your family. We will make sure that you have a
qualified and certified electrician to do the work and answer any questions you might have along
the way. We want you to have the best experience possible so that is why we go above and
beyond to keep our customers safe and happy.