Electrician Tulsa l Super Awesome Staff Member
Content written for Electric City

There are many qualities that a person must have and demonstrate to make them a great
employee. At Electrician Tulsa, we have so many great employees, in fact we only hire the best
so that means that every one of our employees will do a great job in whatever job they are
assigned or asked to do. They will have a great attitude and work hard to assure you and their
supervisors that the job is done right and with great satisfaction from you, the customer.
However, we have one employee that is so amazing and has done a great job for us since day
one. This employee was one of our first hires, and we could see that his work ethic was strong
but most importantly, he was honest and was a great individual who really focused on customer
service, or making customers happy. We hired him right away and he has been a rock star ever
since. He is very seldom late to work and if he is he always lets his boss know what to expect
and why he is late. He has only been late for very good reasons and this seldom happens.
He is an employee who really cares about customers. In other words, he isn’t just doing his job
to make money. He makes customers comfortable with his great people skills. HE is very
knowledgeable about his work and a very professional electrician with lots of certificates and
training. He is the first person we call when we have an in home problem that a customer
comes to us with that needs to b e fixed. He is our main in home customer service
representative which means that if there is a job to do in someone’s’ home, then he is our guy.
He always gets first call because of his honesty, work ethic, knowledge and amazing people
We knew he was a great employee when we heard him, and the things we hear from our
customers only confirm that. When we call people to see how the overall job went, very ,very
often they mention him by name and say what an amazing job he did and how satisfied they
were with the whole process from start to finish. Our online reviews also confirm the fact taht
the customers really appreciate all the extra things he does to make their experience with
Electric City amazing. There are many review that specifically mention what a great experience
they had working with him in particular.
Because of our great employees, and in particular our most valuable employee, our company
continues to grow and receive good input and reviews from our customers. In fact, we are one
of the highest rated and reviewed customers around. Congratulations Shane, you are our
companies MVP for that month! We are proud to have him work for us and will continue to
make sure his experience with Electrician Tulsa is a great one.