Electrician Tulsa l Content written for Electric City.

Electric City, formerly AJ Electric, has been serving the Tulsa area for many years. We got our
first start over 30 years ago. Our owners Jeff and Andrea Tilton have been in the electrical
business since then. In Electrician Tulsa, we have been in the contracting business ever since
we started, and we pride ourselves in our knowledge and skill in the industry, which we have
acquired over that long span of 30 plus years.
Starting a company is not an easy thing even when your are skilled at your trade. We knew it
would be a lot of hard work and long hours, but we also believed in our ability to bring the best
Electricians Tulsa and the best customer service together. It took a lot of effort on our part,
some trial and error, but it didn’t take long for us to realize that we could be among the top of all
the electricians who serve the greater Tulsa area. Now,many years later we know that we are
one of the best customer reviewed electric companies in the area.
Deciding where to start a company is a big decision. We chose Tulsa because of the beautiful
greenery and the down to earth people with their friendly hospitality. We believed that our
personal values and company goals would thrive in such family friendly community. Over time
we were proven right and we thoroughly enjoy serving and working with some of the greatest
people around. Tulsa has been a great fit for us and our electrical family and we look forward to
staying here for many more years.
Once we established our company and had great success, our journey was not over. Now our
quest is to continue this legacy and keep our company growing. To do that we rely heavily on
our customers referrals, recommendations, and reviews. We know if we do a great job for a
customer we will most often be referred to any of their family or friends who might need an
Electrician Tulsa. We also appreciate google reviews on our google listing which can b e found
on our website. In these fast paced and changing times, we try to keep up to date on our
technology and reviews so that people needing great electricians are able to quickly and
conveniently locate us.
The future of Electric City looks very bright here in Tulsa and the surround areas. We believe
that we are the top electric company around based on our customer service and good work.
The comments and reviews from our customers really give us an edge over many other
electrical companies that are out there. We know that if you give us a chance you will have a
great experience and will soon be referring us to others as well. We intend to keep working
hard to serve the people of Tulsa so that our company can continue to expand and grow and
serve more and more of the great people of the Tulsa area.