Electrician Tulsa l In With the New
Content written for Electric City

Houses and businesses age over time, all buildings in general age and need to be fixed,
updated, and maintained in order to function the way they were built and look like they did when
they were new. Some of the wear comes from the people who live or work in that particular
place, but the wear on the outside comes from being exposed to the harsh weather and all the
elements of mother nature for the most part. And then of course all things made by man
eventually quit working.
Such is the case of electric panels. Many of the house call visits and services made by
Electrician Tulsa, are to change out existing panels that have been exposed to elements and
are just not functioning the way they should. Some are just simply outdated and not up to the
housing / business standards. Many electrical panels are put in unsafe places within homes
such a small closet or another place that is an extremely high risk of fires should it malfunction.
This is especially true of homes that were built twenty or more years ago.
A lot of people do not even know where their panel is, and they also don’t know if it needs a
replacement. Unless you are an electrician it probably doesn’t even make sense to you, much
less knowing if it is functioning properly or putting your family in danger by being a fire hazard.
The job of a panel is actually to divide up the electricity going through your home or business
and route it to the place where it needs to go without causing too much or too little electricity to
be used. This keeps the breakers tripping which causes the lights or outlet to not function as
opposed to malfunctioning and causing a fire, shock, or serious injury.
So as you can see electric panels are very important and you don’t want to have your stop
working. It is much easier to have Electrician Tulsa come take a look at your panel especially if
you have a home or business that is 20 years or older. We can come see what your panel
looks like and if it needs to be replaced and how well it is functioning. A panel change out will
cost a little bit of money, but it is well worth the safety of your family or employees or whomever
uses the building. It is also a good thing to do because if your panel fails, then it can also cause
damage to the wiring through you home or place of business and your breakers.
So whether or not you have a new home or old home, new place of business or old, it is a good
idea to have our crew come take a look at your panel setup. It is likely that it could use some
work especially if your are living in a house that is a little older. New panels are better and more
equipped to last longer and do a better job.