Electrician Tulsa l Job Pets For the Win
Content written for Electric City

There are many people who love animals and treat them like part of their family. There are
many pets who also think that they are part of human families and we at Electrician Tulsa think
that is great. We also love animals, some of our employees more than others, but that is not the
point. We dislike dealing with cranky people and those people who are also rude, but pets and
animals are a totally different story. Here are a few tips about how you can help us and your pet
be more comfortable around each other.
First of all, let us now if you have a pet. There is nothing more surprising and sometimes
terrifying that to be greeted by an overly friendly dog when you are least expecting it. It is also
impossible for us to tell if initially the dog is friendly or being protective, so that can be unnerving
as well. It can also cause harm if it were to knock Electrician Tulsa employees over or cause
them to drop something they were holding. So it is always a good idea to let us know before we
come that there is a pet around and taht we should keep an eye out for it.
Second of all, keep your pet contained and away from the work site. This is for the safety of
you, your pet, and our employee. Even if the pet is friendly they might not react well to a
stranger in their territory. A pet might also get in the way of working, causing harm to it or our
employee or even you. There have been times when dogs or cats get tangled in ladders, or
bump in to an employee with an armful of supplies and get something dropped on them or
cause a serious fall and or accident. Even if they are super friendly they can still get hurt or
cause an unfortunate event. We don’t want to hurt any pet or cause damage to your home.
Third, If the job contains more than one worksite in the home or area, keep your pet away until
your have the ok from the Electrician Tulsa that everything is safe. Sometimes our job requires
us to leave the immediate work site to get tools or do work in another area. Some customers in
previous experiences have thought that a job was finished when it was not. We would have for
your dog to touch a live wire on accident or have some other unfortunate thing happen to them.
Our overall concern is the safety of your and your family and pets. Even those employees who
are the most dog lover you can get, will agree to the above guidelines. While pets are
wonderful parts of families, it is important that they are kept safe and out of harm’s way. It is for
the best, of all the parties involved so we appreciate your compliance with these safety rules.