Electrician Tulsa l Care About Prevention
Content written for Electric City
Many people buy their appliances and are surprised when they stop working after a couple of
years. This is also true for computers and other electrical equipment that depends on electricity
to function. Some people think that appliances and other common household goods are “not
made like they used to be”. While this may be true because plastics have replaced things that
were once made out of metals like steel and aluminum, this is not always the reason why things
don’t last as long as you thought. At Electrician Tulsa we can help you to keep your appliances
and other electronic equipment running longer and smoother.
The one simple way we can help you is to show you how to care for your electrical equipment.
The first thing to do is to make sure that the appliance or other electrical equipment is being
plugged into the right voltage. You might be surprised how many people buy an electric dryer
and then are upset when it does not fit into a standard sized outlet. The reason of course is that
it takes much more power to run a dryer then it does say a vacuum so the plug and prongs are
bigger to allow the machine more access to more power.
It is also very dangerous to overload one outlet. There are numerous times in households and
businesses that we see several power strips on one outlet that is powering several high energy
machines at a constant rate and time. This can overload the circuit and cause the breaker to
flip. This is a safety precaution that the circuit will flip ff instead of causing electrical sparks and
mayhem, possibly eve a fire. It is safer for the breaker to flip so that nothing on that circuit will
work. Occasionally however, the breaker doesn’t trip for whatever reason and the circuit could
overload which causes some major damage and can potentially cause a fire or other serious
Another good idea ot to be familiar with the owner manual to the products you buy and have in
your home. It is not a good idea to be putting some appliances close to water or other things
that might cause damage. Some appliance need filter replace or hoses replaced every year in
order to keep it running properly and not breaking before it should.
It is also possible that some electrical panels cannot hold any more space for breakers, yet
there are some homeowners who try to fix their own electrical problems and add more that the
panel can handle. This is a serious violation to a house inspection not to mention very
dangerous and not smart. Whenever working with electricity leave the work to the Electrician
Tulsa professionals rather than taking a chance with fire or a serious injury. It is alway better to
pay a little more to have us come inspect things properly than to try and save a few bucks and
put yourself, family, or employees in danger.