Electrician Tulsa l The Prices That Are Best
Content written for Electric City

One of the best things about Electric City is that we keep our prices low. Our customers really
appreciate this and at Electrician Tulsa, it is one of our top priorities. There are a few ways that
we do this, and also a few reasons why we are committed to keeping our prices low. It is one of
the things that makes our business stand out from other electricians around Tulsa and all the
other small towns and cities that we service. It has always been a top priority for us and all of
our employees.
First of all we are owned locally by a local residential family. We are not a franchise. This helps
with keeping our prices low more than anything. Franchises have a set price for all the work
they do. They get a certain percent of all their franchisees money. This means that other
electricians have to charge more to cover their costs, and still make a profit for a successful
business. This is harder to do because they constantly have to charge their customers more
money to fix electrical problems. This makes the customers unhappy and not likely to call them
back. They might also have a hard time keeping customers or having returning customers that
want their work again. We at Electrician Tulsa do not have to worry about making an extra
percent on every job because we are not a franchise.
We also do not have set prices on everything we do. We realize that individual circumstances
are unique and taht something that takes longer at one house than another should not
necessarily be charged that same price. For example, if one house needs a ceiling installed
and it is on the main floor and does not require heavy lifting or long hours, than that job should
not be priced as the same job taht is also installing a ceiling fan of a second story home that
requires a tall ladder and several hours to complete. A franchise would not know the difference
because they are not there in the moment. They would charge the same price to both jobs, plus
the local electrician would probably charge more for the extra time spent.
Because we are local we can look at each job individually and asses it as needed. We can cut
costs if we are doing multiple jobs at the same house because we don’t have extra travel time or
using gas to go various places. We can also make our schedule reflect better time used and so
we don’t have to charge as much as those electricians who drive everywhere without
coordinating with other electronics in the same company.
Finally, we choose to make our prices lower than most electricians because we want our
customers to be satisfied and keep calling us for their electrical needs. Of course we still have
to be profitable, but we find ways to help our customers save money as opposed to trying to
take all your money. Customer loyalty is very important to us and we show it by the way we do