Electrician Tulsa l Teams That Work For the Dream
Content written for Electric City

Every company is as good as its employees, and each employee is a vital part of a company.
Electrician Tulsa employees are the heart of our company. We depend on them for good
honest and top quality work everyday. This requires a lot of communication and teamwork.
Just like most things in life such as sports, raising a family, marriage, a successful company can
only face the challenges of each day with a lot of teamwork from each team member. Some
members have more visible roles than others, but that does not necessarily mean that they are
more valuable to the team or in our case our company. It really does take everybody doing their
job and helping each other and communicating with each other to make our company be
successful and run smoothly. And even then there are some rough days!
It all starts with the top. Our owner Mr. Tilton is a great guy. He is a team player and also a
leader. He is all business when he needs to be, but also has a human side and is very
approachable to talk to. He is strict with the rules and enforces them when need require it, but
generous in praise and compliments when the employees do a great job. He is honest and fair
and always compensate employees fairly for their time. He is also honest with customers and
does not take advantage of their lack of knowledge or experience with electrical problem and
Our residential service men serve customer every day. It is vital that they have good
communication skills because they are the ones who go to homes and fix problems. They have
to be courteous, punctual, and knowledge all at the same time. Customers depend on them to
solve their problems and we depend on them to make the customer happy so that they will call
us again when the need an electrical problem solved.
Our new home electricians are also required to be team players. They are under alot of
pressure at times to finish large projects on time which requires a lot of planning and working
under pressure. It is up to them to make sure things go smoothly so that the building or that
project or whatever kind of project is going on is not delayed because of them. They are also
working with many other professionals so they have to make sure that they are on the same
page as far as when things can happen and when they do not have access to the project they
are working on.
Commercial team members of Electrician Tulsa are also vital. They work with much more
complex and lager scales of equipments. They must be very cautious and careful not to make
mistakes or it will have a domino effect large buildings of commercial use. The pressure can be
intense and they must always be level headed and thinking clearly. So as you can see our
success really is a team effort and we are proud of all our team members.