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Tulsa is just plain hot in the summer. It is also very humid which makes the heat so much more
intense. During the summer does it seems like your air conditioner is running twenty four hours
a day seven days a week and still just barely getting the job done? Well there are some
solutions taht Electrician Tulsa can help you with that do not involve getting an additional AC
unit, or replacing your existing unit.
Fist of all have you ever considered ceiling fans for your bedrooms? It seems like at the end of
the day all the heat from the scorching sun is trapped in your room and it feels like one hundred
degrees in your bedroom, making it impossible to sleep. So solution number one to beating
summer heat is installing ceiling fans. You will be surprised how much a little air movement can
help cool things down. Just turn on your fan to the highest setting about an hour before you are
ready to climb in your bed and go to sleep. It will cool your room down several degrees and
keep it cool so you don’t wake up to a hot sticky mess that keeps you up during the night. If you
are not sure put a box fan in your room and see what a difference that can make, but a ceiling
fan is better than a box fan because it blows the air directly down on you while you sleep
instead of across the room.
Also consider putting fans in your living areas and kitchen. There are some really cool designed
fans taht look great and will really add some style to your living areas while cooling you down at
the same time. It is especially a good idea to have fans if you have vaulted ceilings because
you the air just gets stuck in the high ceiling areas and becomes very hot if it is not constantly
moving around and cycling through the house. Also consider putting fans in your bathrooms if
you do not have them. A vent fan can do wonders for drying out your bathroom after a shower
so that you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew destroying the shower walls or ceiling.
Another tip to keeping cool during the summer is to get a small window ac for rooms that are not
getting enough air flow to them. Often if a house is over 1800 square feet it is just a little too
big for one AC unit, but you don’t really want to add a whole new ac unit because it is so
expensive. If there is just one room consider a mini split unit or a window unit that will cool just
the one room down to make it comfortable that you can stand being in that room during the
middle of our hot summers.
These are all relatively cheap ways to keep your home and yourself cool during a summer.
There are especially cheap when you compare it to the cost of replacing or getting an additional
air conditioner unit. If you are in need of ceiling fans the give Electrician Tulsa a call and let us
schedule in installation for your today.