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Have you already been quoted an outrageous price from a “BIG ELECTRICAL COMPANY” salesman that more than likely did not know the difference between a panel and a meter can?  Did their Electrician Tulsa scare you to death?  Electric City will send a licensed, courteous, and knowledgeable electrician to your house for a FREE QUOTE!  Our overhead is much lower than theirs and we do not use a one size fits all “job sheet” when we quote our work.  Each situation is unique and we do not quote each job as a worst-case scenario like they do.  We all have the same licensing and more than likely Electric City is better qualified for the job.  We average 30% to 50% lower rates in comparison to the “large overhead” electric companies.  We do not pay franchise fees that have to be passed onto you by other electrician Tulsa, like all of the national electrical service companies do.

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