Electrician Tulsa l Powerful Backups for You
Content written for Electric City

Tulsa weather can be downright scary and crazy at the same time. Anyone who has
experienced one of our storms knows how dangerous and wild a storm can be. Thunder and
lightning, lots of rain, hail, and wind. Terrible strong and damaging wind that seems to never
stop. At Electrician Tulsa, it is no wonder taht we live right at the end of “Tornado Alley”. The
craziest thing is taht even though these storms happen yearly, it is never too late to be
An interesting fact that we have seen is that people don’t really take the stormes seriously
usually, unless they experience some kind of damage to their property. Then they start to learn
to prepare for them instead of think that they are invincible or that it will never happen to them, it
will just blow on by like it usually does. This thinking can be dangerous because you knowver
know when it will be you taht is hit out of the blue one day. Then when you realize that there is
going to be damaged, then it is far too late to prepare.
Electrician Tulsa can help you prepare. One of the best things to do is to make sure that you
have a backup system for your electrical needs. This can be accomplished by installing a
generator that will automatically kick on and run for a certain amount of time if the power was to
ever go out. This can be a life saver especially if you are without power for a long period of
time. Most people don’t realize taht they depend so much on electricity. Without it your food
would not keep in the freezer or refrigerator, you wouldn’t have light, not connection to the
internet, no computers, etc.
A generator can support your household for a few days and can support it even longer if you get
a bigger one, or if you conserve energy by turning appliances off that you are not using. The
installation is needed to be handled by a professional certified electrician Tulsa, and that is
where we come into play. We can accurately tell your how big of a generator you would need
and how long it would last in an emergency. We can help your compare pros and cons and
help you decide what would be the most cost effective as well.
So don’t be a victim to the scary Tulsa weather. Be prepared for the worst case scenario in all
events and when a disaster does strike and you sustain damage, you won’t have to worry about
going without electricity for days on end. If a tornado were to hit a large portion of our area, it
could be several weeks without power depending on the extent of the damage to the electrical
grid. You will be glad that you spent a little extra time and money to get your home in order
incase of a true emergency.