Electrician Tulsa l Heat Needs to be Beaten!
Content written for Electric City

The Tulsa heat and humidity in the summer can be exhausting. No one want to go outside for
very long and it is also dangerous to be outside for very long without plenty of water and shade.
So how can you stay cool and fresh this summer? Well let Electrician Tulsa remind you of some
very important rules for your own safety. We practices these ourselves especially as our
electricians go from house to house or job to job. It is important for everyone to take a care and
be careful.
First of all the most important thing is to drink, drink, drink, and then drink some more. When it
is hot and the heat index is high, your body loses water quickly due to sweating to try and keep
your temperature cool and down to a normal range. You need to replace that water especially if
you’re outdoors a lot. The sun is draining and can very easily cause heat stroke or other fatal
accidents. Try to stay out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, and try to stay cool.
Use sunscreen if you are outside from 8 am to 7 pm. Sunscreen does not keep you from
tanning, but it does block out the sun’s harmful rays. It is important to apply it liberally and wait
until it is dry before entering any water or swimming or something like that. It is also important
to reapply it at least every 2 hours especially if you’re swimming or sweating a lot so that the first
applications of sunscreen has been washed off. A popular myth is that you do not need
sunscreen on partly cloudy days. This is untrue and some of the sun’s UV rays penetrate
through the clouds and still cause damage to the skin.
We always tell our employees to take a break if they are feeling tired. It is very possible to be
out in the sun all day and not realize how tired and hot you are. If you are outside for long
periods of time it is important to take a break and cool down and drink plenty of non sugary
liquids. A lot of people don’t realize how exhausted they are until it is too late and they already
have symptoms of heat stroke or overheating. It is not something to take lightly and must be
taken seriously especially here in Tulsa where the heat index is very high.
The last tip is to enjoy the sun while being safe. Swimming or relaxing with a cold drink or
popsicle or other cold treat like ice cream, or a nice cool snowcone is a great way to enjoy the
summer while staying cool. Of course always swim with someone and never swim unattended
or let children swim without adults. Of course the best summer is a safe summer and that is
what we want for all our Electrician Tulsa customers.